Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elomi Rita in 34HH Mini Review

Another mini-review is up!  This time it's the Elomi Rita, which up until this point is the best fitting bra from Elomi that I've managed to try.  Since I'm hanging out in 32 bands, Elomi is finally somewhat within my reach and I was really excited to get my hands on the Elomi Rita courtesy of the Full-Figured Chest.

Elomi is one of the plus-sized brands among the Eveden group.  It carries band sizes from 34-44 and cup sizes D-JJ.  Elomi stands out among other plus-sized brands in that it carries beautiful long line bras, basques, babydolls, and swimwear.  They also carry plunges up to J cups (UK sized), which is rare for many brands, especially for a plus-sized lingerie brand.  They make a real effort to provide beautiful, colorful, and comfortable lingerie for plus-sized women.


As I said in the intro, this was the best fitting of the Elomi bras that I tried, that being said, it was still about a cup size too small.  It wasn't a horrible fit but the center gore didn't quite lay flat, and especially on my larger side there was a big of bulging.  I'm pretty confidence that a 34J could have been a really good fit.  Ideally, I would have gotten to try a 32JJ but, sadly, Elomi doesn't carry 32 bands.  This means that compared to my usual Ewa Michalak size I'm about one cup size smaller.  In Fantasie and Panache I usually need about a 32J or 32JJ so it seems to run similarly to those two.

The bra was extremely comfortable and this is one I'd definitely consider buy, especially for T-shirt days.  Hourglassy (who has a much shorter torso and is more full-on top than me) also has a review up and she found that there was too much space in the bottom of the cups/too high of underwires for her.  Since I have a long torso, the underwires were definitely NOT a problem! Moreover, I always appreciate more room in the bottom of the cups being that I have bottom heavy breasts.  It just goes to show how different the same bra can fit on two women.


As you can see in the pictures the bra itself has a wider center gore and tends to spread the breasts out wide.   The fit is pretty similar to my Fantasie Kara, not surprising, since Elomi and Fantasie are sister brands.  The cups are fairly rounded with a small upward point but nothing too noticeable.  From the handful of Elomi bras that I got to try over at the Full Figured Chest's house, I'd say the shape is pretty standard for Elomi.

The detailing on the bra isn't *that* exciting.  At least for someone like me, who has tried a lot of lingerie.  However, ladies who are just stepping outside of their comfort zone of the traditional black/white/beige bras might find the bright colors exciting (and the colors ARE very pretty!).  The cups are smooth so they'll do well underneath t-shirts, even if a seam or two might show up.

General Comments

  • Recall that this is a mini review so I do not own the item of clothing and can't comment on wear over time, how well it works for breastfeeding, price point etc. 
  • Other reviews can be found by: Hourglassy, Fussy Busty
  • I didn't have a chance to try breastfeeding in this but my guess would be that it wouldn't be that easy considering this is a more full-fit bra.  
  • It seemed pretty true to size for your average Eveden group bra (compared to Fantasie).


  1. Just bought this one off of Zulily because I have the Caitlyn and I'm hoping the wires are a little narrower. Because even with extremely wide wires, the Caitlyn has always been supportive and comfortable but the wires are starting to get to me with wear. This bra is very similar and if I recall correctly, is a also a multiway bra you can wear as a racerback. These make great t-shirt bras because of how smooth and supportive they are. They also make great nursing bras and seem to run very true to size. I'm wondering how they do if you take the gore in, shape-wise though. Going to try with either the Caitlyn or Rita when I get it.

  2. wow 34HH those are biggen's