Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trashy Diva Jenny Dress in size 12 Mini-Review

I was absolutely thrilled to try on all of The Full Figured Chest's massive Trashy Diva collection.  My hands down favorite on my body type is the Trashy Diva Jenny dress featured in this mini-review.

Trashy Diva Jenny dress

Looking at the Trashy Diva website, it looks like the Jenny dress is currently being sold in olive green in both a long sleeved and short sleeved version.  In this mini-review I tried the long-sleeved version in burgundy.

Trashy Diva is a vintage inspired clothing company that is well-known for its retro dresses that work well on large busted, curvy women.  Often times their dresses have flared skirts, which means that they can work on all hip shapes and sizes.  Other big breasted bloggers have had tons of success with Trashy Diva so I was thrilled to be able to try them out on my own large bust!


Of the Trashy Diva dresses that I tried, this was the only one in size 12 (the rest were all size 14) and the 12 was a great fit, so I'd definitely suggest sizing down from your usual Trashy Diva size in the Jenny.  There is a zipper on this dress but the material is quit stretchy so I was able to pull it on and off without unzipping the dress (I did try out the zipper once and it was pretty fiddly so I'd suggest avoiding it completely).

One interesting fit item that both the Full Figured Chest and I noticed, is that the Jenny dress worked really well on my long torso because of my lower placed breasts.  She mentioned that while she loved the Jenny dress, she often ran into issues with how deep the v-neck was whereas for me it showed just a hint of cleavage but not too much.

The only alteration that I would consider performing here is bringing in the armholes on the sleeves.  You can see in the side view below that they are quite large and they pull forward due to my big bust.  It would be nice to see smaller armholes, which would give the dress a better appearance overall.

In the photos below I'm wearing no shapewear, just had a massive dinner,  and I have on my Ewa Michalak 32K PL Stalowka.


The Trashy Diva Jenny dress is one that I probably would not have tried on my own.  Not because I dislike the style, but I would have shied away from the puffy sleeves due to having broad shoulders and a large bust.  That being said, I really liked this dress on and I don't think the pictures even due justice.  When I put on my dress, my husband commented "now THAT is a dress!" and normally he couldn't care less what I wear.  It really looked amazing.

The deep v-neck on the Trashy Diva Jenny dress works well combined with the longer sleeves and full-coverage top section.  Moreover, I feel like this is a good look on a long (or rounded) torso because it's fitted from the underbust down to about the belly button and flares out around the high-hip.  By doing so, it elongates the torso and somehow de-emphasizes my rounded stomach.  At the same time, the deep v-neck draws the eyes upward and pulls the dress together well.

General Comments

  • The Full Figured Chest's original review can be found here.  She also has an overview of what Trashy Diva dresses work on large busts here
  • Recall that this is a mini review so I do not own the item of clothing and can't comment on wear over time, how well it works for breastfeeding, price point etc.  However, I can guess from the pictures and the stretchy material that I would most likely be able to breastfeed easily in this dress. 
  • Of all the Trashy Diva dresses that I tried this one I'd be the most likely to buy.  However, I'd probably go for the short-sleeved version living in Brazil and all. 
  • I found the materials to be very soft and the fabric itself is relatively thick so it seems like it would work best in spring/fall or combined with heavy stockings for winter.  
  • Other reviews can be found here: Hourglassy, SweetNothings NYC, Pinup Persuasion, An Ode to Reverie


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