Friday, March 7, 2014

Kris Line Selena Review in 34JJ

Poland seems to be THE place to buy gorgeous lingerie for full busts. One brand that's been sold in Europe and the states for awhile, but can be difficult to get your paws on is Kris Line.  Recently, the selection over at Brastop has expanded quite a bit and Zulily has also started carrying them too.   During a recent sale at Zulily I picked up a gray Kris Line Selena in 32JJ.  Sadly, it was way too small in the cup but I also got to try The Full Figured Chest's  Selena in 34JJ so this is  a mix between a real review and a mini-review because I can tell you more about the product's quality. :)

Kris Line Selena 
Kris line has a huge size range that covers both small busts and large busts and everything in between.  Often their bras have slightly different designs in the smaller cup sizes versus the large cup sizes.  I also wonder how different the fit designs are in smaller cup sizes.  The Lingerie Lesbian really enjoyed her bodysuit in a B cup, which indicates that their bras probably work well both for large busts and small busts alike.  She did mention that the cups were heavily padded but I also found the Selena's cups to have quite a bit of padding too (although it was removable) so I don't think that is something that happens in just the small cup sizes. Kris Line also carries swimwear, bodysuits, and nursing bras.  I have yet to seem them sold internationally, though.


The 34JJ appeared to be about one cup size too small, which means I would have needed a 34K or better yet a 32KK if that were possible.  That being said, I could tell even in the too small cup size that the fit was really amazing!  The Kris line Selena had narrow wires, deep cups and loads of depth up front by the center gore, which is something desperately needed in the largest cup sizes!

The bra itself fits different than almost all my other bras.  It's fairly full coverage but gives a shape and projection fairly similar to most Ewa Michalak bras.  The cups themselves curve around the breasts, which provides extra security.  Because of this I think this would be an AMAZING bra for women with soft, bottom heavy breasts.  It has enough structure to give softer breasts a good shape and the upper shape would keep your breasts secure throughout the day.

It turns out that the cups also have removable pads.  I tried on my own 32JJ version and without the removable pads it's only about one cup size too small.  That means my usual Ewa Michalak/Curvy Kate size would work in 32K without the pads but with the pads I'd definitely need a 32KK. The band seems to be a true 32 band and was very comfortable.


This is SUCH a pretty bra.  I love gray and I'm thrilled that Kris Line carries a number of bras in more gender neutral colors (I promise you, I don't need EVERYTHING in pink and purple... but I still love purple, don't get me wrong) like green and gray.  In a too small size the cups end up looking pointed but when I tried on The Full Figured Chest's  Kris Line Selena in one cup size up I had a more rounded shape.  Moreover, removing the pads gives a much more pointed shape with more depth in the front.  The pads round out the breasts more.  I really wish I had the bra in the correct size to show the difference but you'll just have to trust me on this one.

The center gore is relatively narrow, which again, means the breasts are upfront and not pushed to the sides like many British brands like to do.  The quality is spectacular and I have a feeling this is a bra that could hold up underneath a lot of wear.

The details are just spectacular too.  Look at the embroidery on the straps! The detailing on the cups!  It kills me that the one I have is too small. :( 

General Comments

  • Recall that this is a mini review and the bra that I do have from Kris Line is too small for me to wear and try with breastfeeding.  
  • For other Kris Line Selena reviews see: The Full Figured Chest, Bras and Body Image
  • Kris Line has recently extended their size range up to KK and L cups.  Sadly this is only in a handful of bras (all in either black or white).
  • As you can see there are four rows or hooks, which is great for lots and lots of wear. 
  • Please, more places carry Kris Line! I want more options!
  • I'm still deciding if I should sell this or not or hope that I'll eventually go down in cup size again. 
  • This post was written with a very cute and very rambunctious baby climbing all over me (who should be napping, mind you), so please forgive all the typos. 


  1. Is 34JJ the size on the label? I've read that Kris Line has their own sizing system. Would one order from Brastop or Zulily and select the UK size they want, or the converted Kris Line size? I'm so confused! lol

    1. It was the size listed on Zulily, which I assume is the same as Brastop. On the tag it's listed as 70JJ.

    2. Thank you! I hope you get one in your size soon as well. :)

    3. Kris Line uses normal UK sizing up to a K-cup, apart from that they have an I-cup. Brastop does not list I-cups, so if you order a J-cup or above you will recieve a bra from Brastop with a label in it which says the cup size below what your order says. A 32K from Brastop will get you a 70JJ. At least every time I've ordered.

      Zulily lists the I-cups so you should just be able to order the size you want there. :)

  2. June, I have found that at least with the 75M I tried, Kris Line bras run at least 1-2 cup sizes small. I can't say for sure what size I would need, only that it seems to be about a 30L/30LL and the 75M I tried fit me like a 30K, or perhaps a 30KK? It's hard to say. I also have that 75M up for sale on Bratabase if anyone should be interested.

    1. It's good to hear I'm not the only one then. From my best guess I need one cup size up from my EM size.

  3. I really appreciate how Kris Line has the removable pad option, and I hope more companies catch on to this. So many women could easily adapt to asymmetry issues by changing the way the pads are in the cups!

  4. How were the wires? My mom is a 38HH/J and could use a bra like this, but we've found in the bigger sizes a lot of the wires go half into the armpit. This happens to me occasionally as a 28H/30GG, but I feel like she runs into it all the time as a HH/J.

  5. Thank you for the review! :) Just a little thing, isn't the bra in the photos the Kris Line Gabi? From what I know the Selena does not come in different colours, but I might be wrong...,products,284,1082.html