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Bra Fitting in Malta at Boux Avenue- Guest Post from Linda!

I'm always interested in life in other Bra Deserts (besides just here in Brazil!)

Being on vacation in Malta, I had the time and energy to seek out Boux  Avenue for the second time to get a bra fitting.  I went last year in February, and I ended up fitting the poor assistant instead of the other way around.. I did complain about Boux in a Maltese facebook group twice during the last year, only to be told, it could not be true, they where good at what they where doing and had many happy customers.

As I well know, every shop and every assistant can have a bad day, so this year, I decided to go back to see for myself if my first experience had been wrong.

I was met by a lovely assistant whom I asked for a bra fitting. She said yes, and we went into a changing room where she used a measuring tape with centimeters on one side and inches on the other side, to measure me.  The shop looked amazing, so pretty and feminine.  She did measure me without any clothing between the measuring tape and my body, which I found really good. But then she did the strangest thing. Boux back sizes are in inches, so for me, the logical thing would be to use the inches side of the measuring tape to measure me, but she used the centimeter side and then looked on a small chart she was carrying around with her, and figured 29" inches was 77 centimeters. Then she measured my breasts around on top of my bra. Again using centimeters.  Her conclusion was, my size is a 36 D/DD.  I asked her if she really was sure and showed her the measuring tape in inches when I measured myself (28") She then said, well 28" equaled 83 cm (which it does not, it equal's 71.1cm).  So she felt confident that I was a 36 DD.

I said sure, and she wanted to leave me in the changing room to go and grab some bras.  I asked if they had a room with a chair, as I am disabled and have issues standing for long periods of time.

She was very friendly and showed me another changing room with a chair and also, how to adjust the lighting if I wanted to and the call button to call for an assistant if needed. I really liked those features, that is actually something other companies should think of implementing as it can be quite harsh lighting which shows you every thing you might not like about your body. Also, there was no need to pop out of the changing room to search for an assistant, using the call button and mentioning the name of the changing room one was in, would do the trick.

I left the light on the brightest, knowing full well, I was planning to take pictures.

I only managed to take pictures of the two first bras I tried, after that, the friendly assistant spent a lot of time talking with me in the changing room and bless her, I sometimes forget to sit down to relive the pain in my knees, and she kept telling me, it was fine for me to sit down and talk.

She first brought me two different bras in a size 36DD, one nude t shirt bra, and one very pretty black bra with embroideries.

Well I started with the nude t shirt bra and as pictures speak louder than words, here are the pictures of me in it:

The fit was just so wrong, it wasn't even funny. The back band was on the tightest hook and I could still have pulled it ever further away from my body.

Now the black bra was really pretty and for the untrained eye, it might not look as such a bad fit:

But the back was too big, the cups where way too small.

I showed this bra to the lovely assistant and she agreed, going down in the back and up in the cup would be better.
She then fetched some 34" bras, I think in an f cup. Which again, did not fit. One of the bras was not bad in the back, but since the cup size was so of and also, it was hot in the changing room and I am not sure how tight it really was as I do the fasten in the front and turn routine and since my skin was a bit moist, I just never could try to fasten it on the second or third hook.

After talking to the assistant for a while, I showed her how my Comexim bra fits and she agreed to the fact, it was a much better fit.  I also asked her why they measured in centimeters to convert it back to inches instead of measuring directly in inches, she did not know. This is how they where taught.

As the conversation moved on, I suggested she take a look at and their fitting instructions/video as well as and their fitting instructions, which are both good companies with good instructions. She seemed keen and asked me to please write it down on a note for her, which I did just before I left. Also, I asked her to google the war on +4 so she would learn about that as well.

Again, I really want to stress, the assistant did as best she could,  she had simply not been taught how a proper fitting should be. The whole time she was friendly and professional.

After getting back home to our apartment in Malta, I wrote yet another complaint about Boux avenue in a Maltese group, where the manager of Boux Malta was tagged and started attacking me. making a big deal out of the fact, I do not use a picture of myself online but one of my dogs.  She also managed to get the group manager to have me delete my complaint, as I should take it up directly with the manager.  So I did, I showed her the pictures here on the blog, I told her about the wrong fitting, I made sure to mention the very nice lady fitting me and that she was not at fault.

I did get a reply this morning, stating the assistant had 2 years experience and herself, the manager had 8 years experience. The assistant had felt comfortable, that she had found my true back size (34") and the manager told me, she herself would like to do a fitting with together with one of her assistants on me next week. Because when it comes down to it, it is not about the numbers or letters she said.
Which i do agree with, if  34F had fitted, I would have bought it.
I did not get any excuse for her behavior towards me in a public facebook group, no sorry, " we should look into your complaint and how other companies fit (I asked her to watch Bravissimo and how they do it as well)"
Every time I have told how unhappy I was, it has not been any will to look into my complaint but much more important to undermine me.

What really bugged me was the poor training the assistants had received and that nothing had changed during the year that passed between my first and my second fitting. Well except for the store interior.

Basically it is the old, "We are right, you are wrong" Well that is my opinion, I am sure the manager feels differently. Not sure how a fitting with the manager and another assistant should change anything, sub 32" bands seem to not exist on the Island (I asked in M&S, Boux avenue and two independent lingerie stores and no sub 32" bands but there of course might be some stores carrying it)

The interesting thing is also, some women started attacking me on facebook in the Maltese group before I had to delete my complaint, telling me since I know my size and I know so much about bra fitting, I should stay away from the stores. No need for me to go there and point out the stores fitting flaws. And before one complained, one should have the guts to show one's face online. Basically it is picking on the messenger and not caring about the message.

This baffles me, are women not interested in getting served and finding out their real bra sizes?

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  1. Wow. I am surprised about the sales assistants telling you that you should stay away from their stores. Finally you came there as a customer. If they know their deficits, why do they not try to improve their fitting methods? I can only guess that behind all this is the usual " we stick together as a group and we're right " mechanism, and not a logical argument. Still I find it positive that the assistant in the store listened to what you suggested and seemed friendly and open towards your point of view.