Friday, February 28, 2014

Panache Sport Bra in 34H Mini Review

I've wanted to try the Panache Sports bra for a LONG time now.  I've always heard awesome reviews about how great it reduces bounce on large busts but the one thing holding me back was that it's a moulded cup bra and I've heard that it tends to favor full-on-top breasts.  Thankfully, during my closet raiding session with The Full-Figured Chest, I got to try hers on and so here is my mini-review of it! I'm always on the lookout for a new sports bra that will reduce the bounce on my big breasts.

Panache Sports bra in gray

The Panache sports bra is a bra sized sports bra that comes in 28-40 back sizes and B-H cups (although not all cup sizes are available in all band sizes). Panache as a brand works on creating support lingerie for large breasted women and their sports bras focus on reducing bounce during workouts.   The Panache sports bra has a racerback option and has an underwire.  Panache won the UK sports bra band of the year in both 2012 and 2013 for the UK Lingerie Awards. The bra itself has encapsulation cups, not compression cups.


I've heard that the Panache sports bra runs large in the cup, and, thankfully, that turned out to be the case because the 34H was a perfect fit (from my best guess I would need normally a 32J in Panache).  The 34 band felt pretty comfortable at the time too.  I really can't say much here because the fit was spot on and the sports bra felt incredibly comfortable!  I often find in Panache bras that I need to size down in cups quite a bit compared to other brands (for instance, I wear a 32K in Curvy Kate and Ewa Michalak).


I think the pictures speak for themselves, this bra gives an amazing shape!  As much as I love my Freya Active sport bras, I have to say that the shape from the Panache Sports bra is superior. I get a great rounded shape from the side and this is really probably one of the best T-shirt type bras I've seen.  I'm seriously tempted to buy one just to wear underneath shirts!  Because of the high-cut on it, I'd never have to worry about quadraboob or my breasts leaking out during the day with movement.


As great as the fit, feel, and shape of the Panache sports bra were, I didn't feel quite as secure as in my Freya Active sport bras. Granted, it could be due to the 34 band over my usual 32 band.   I think one issue too was that The Full-Figured Chest said she normally leaves the straps as long as possible and then turns it into a racerback.  Since I was just trying it on for a minute, I didn't try out the racerback option, which might have helped me to feel more bounce-proof in the Panache sports bra. I'm not saying that I was bouncing around like crazy, though! Just that I didn't feel as secure as I expected.

That being said, the padding around the underwires was great and that really increased the comfort level, so I think with the racerback option, this might be a great sports bra!  I feel like the Panache sports bra would do better if you need a sports bra for the entire day.  I find Freya Active bras work best for just a short period of time and thanks to the padded underwires, the Panache sports bra would hold up a lot longer!

General Comments


  1. It is indeed a very nice sport bra. Don't hold back.
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  2. I love it so much I bought three. I wear it to work, to church, to Zumba, to walk my dog, to theme parks, and on the weekends. Whether I wear it is entirely dependent on how high my top's neckline is, and whether I have one clean.
    I do find that the band runs tight and the cups run big. I have a 36F for bloat days and a 34FF for slimmer days. I can't recommend it enough!

  3. I had this bra in 38H and love love loved it. It was super comfy and fit great and I loved the option of wearing it regular or racerback. The only drawback was that the wires poked through after just a little wear. I am hesitant to purchase another for this reason, but these bras are great on so many levels!!! Has anyone had this problem or did I just get a fluke? Thanks!

  4. The wires on one of mine poked through the center gore after about 18 months of heavy use. I was disappointed, but I'd worn it so much, I figured it had earned its retirement.

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