Sunday, February 16, 2014

Curvy Kate Pebble (bra sized) Bikini in 32K and shorts in 14

Awhile back Brastop had free shipping and I took advantage of it by snapping up a very much needed new bra sized bikini from Curvy Kate.  Sadly, my last stab at finding a bra sized bikini (the Panache Veronica) didn't go to well.  However, I've had great past experience with Curvy Kate's swimwear (specifically the Caribbean Curve bikini set) so I decided to go with what I knew would work.  I've had my eye on the Pebble bikini for what seems like ages and, thankfully, Brastop still had one in my size!

Curvy Kate Pebble Blue Dot Bikini
For those who are not familiar with bra sized bikinis and swimwear, I couldn't possible recommend them more.  I've found that bra sized swimwear gives you significant more support, better uplift and you can buy bottoms and tops separately, which is also great if your are very bottom heavy or top heavy.  Honestly, it always surprises me when women are able to manage to find swimwear in Small, Medium, and Large sizes because there is so much body diversity out there that I`ve always wondered how they get them to fit!  Curvy Kate's bikinis go from a 28-40 band in D-K cups and the bottoms run from a UK 8-20 (US 4-16) so they cover a pretty wide size range and some of the ladies on the smaller end of plus-sized can fit into their bikinis too.


I was a bit uncertain at first if I should get the 32K or 32JJ but I ended up going with the 32K and I'm really glad that I did! The Curvy Kate bikini top in 32K was definitely the way to go and the fit was very similar to the Caribbean Curve Curvy Kate bikini that I used to wear even though both my band and cup size are quite a bit larger now.

Overall, the shape works really well with my breasts.  I find that the center gore is a good height and it does not bother me at all during water aerobics or swimming but it's high enough to keep my breasts in place even during more vigorous activities.  I also found the underwires underneath the arms very comfortable and I love the shape that the padding gives me.  Additionally there is plenty of depth in the bikini top itself and the center gore is a narrow enough for my close set breasts.

As a side note, I found that the bikinis run much more generous than their sheer cup bras.  I ordered a Curvy Kate Portia in seafoam in 32K at the same time as my bikini top and it was sadly one cup size too small on me whereas I found the 32K in the bikini a great fit.  If I would have wanted something more cleavagey I could have even gone for a 32JJ.  

The only small complaint that I can possibly have with the Curvy Kate Pebble bikini top is that I get a bit of gaping underneath the straps.  I had this with my Caribbean Curve Curvy Kate bikini too and I think it's simply because I have more bottom heavy breasts.  That being said, it is not obvious while wearing and still very secure and comfortable.

Sadly, the matching shorts I got in size 14 are a bit snug.  They are still wearable but Brastop had already sold out on the Curvy Kate Pebble Blue Dot shorts in size 16 so it was either go with the size 14 or size up to a size 20!  The size 14 shorts still work well but they do roll down a bit over my rounded stomach and I would prefer a bit more butt coverage.  I will say, though, that I feel like there's been a big improvement in the short style compared to the Spring/Summer Curvy Kate swimwear season of 2012.  They shorts come up higher and provide a lot more coverage than the matching shorts with my Caribbean Curve Curvy Kate bikini.  So good on Curvy Kate for listening to customer feedback! 


Thank you Curvy Kate for making such cute bikinis in large cup sizes!!!  I love the polka dotted look and they include a few cute details that really bring the suit together.  At the place where the straps connect to the cups you can see there are tassels with beads and there are also matching tassels on the shorts.  The colors are bright and fun and are such a refreshing twist from the usual black.

Thanks to the padded cups I get a great uplifted shape that puts an extra spring in my step when heading to the pools.  The matching shorts are also very cute and I love the bit of ruching on the sides.  

General Comments

  • The back of the bikini has the usual plastic clasp closure.
  • Comparing to other Curvy Kate bras, I wear a 32K in the bikinis but would need a 32KK in the Portia and probably a 32K in the Carmen longline. 
  • You can see other reviews of the Curvy Kate Pebble bikini at Bras and Body Image and The Absurd Curvy Nerd
  • The bikini held up well during extensive swimming and even wearing for a day in a pinch.  
  • Curvy Kate swimwear generally runs quite a bit smaller than Panache.  For instance, I found the Panache Veronica to be about 1-2 cup sizes too large in 32K whereas the 32K in the Curvy Kate Pebble Bikini top was a perfect fit.  
  • A good rule of thumb for UK vs. US sizes is to add four.  If you're normally a US sized 12 in bottoms than go with a UK size 16.  During my last trip to the states I tried on A LOT of pants and I seem to be a pretty solid 12 and a UK 16 would have been the best fit for me in these shorts. 
  • For reference, I have softer (although breastfeeding has made them firmer than before), bottom heavy breasts and a long torso (so I prefer swimwear separates over one pieces). 
  • The materials seem to be of good quality and I have a feeling this bikini will hold up for quite awhile!


  1. Thank you for the review! I'm curious, what are you wearing over the bikini? I've been hesitant to buy a bikini and instead opt for tankinis, but I don't think they are that supportive and the selection is very slim. So after seeing your past in thinking I might try some sort of T-shirt. What do you suggest? Thanks!

    1. Hi, it's actually an old maternity t-shirt from Motherhood Maternity. :) Nothing fancy at all!