Thursday, November 15, 2012

Linda: Comexim Magic Blue Bra Review

I'm excited to have another great Comexim review from Linda!  Again, another bra that I'm completely jealous of!
I'm also sorry for the radio silence.  However, my laptop has met an early grave so it's been really difficult to write new blog posts!  I'm hoping to get a new on soon but in the meantime I hope you're patient with me :)  

Yes, another review from me, another Comexim bra but this time, the bra has a twist (or actually two)

As I did with the Giselle bra (my review of that can be found here: ) I ordered it in a 60L as I found that size fits me well even though I have gone up a cup size lately.
My biggest issue with the Giselle bra was that even though it has a higher centre gore then normal plunge bras, my boobs fall out in the middle. It does not matter how many times I arrange them, within a short amount of time, my boobs think running free is a great idea. Needless to say, I disagree. After searching high and low for a lightly padded T Shirt bra in my size and just ending up being really frustrated because the only brand offering it is Curvy Kate and that is a brand I do not get along with, I had the idea of asking Comexim to make one of their bras with a higher centre gore.
A facebook friend of mine who speaks Polish asked Comexim if they could make me a bra with a higher centre gore and they said yes, they could try to make me one.

I was over the moon for joy and sent Anna, the lovely lady from their customer service an email after their vacation. But as she does not speak English, she did not understand what I meant and my Polish is non existent, so again, my very nice Polish speaking friend explained  to Anna what I wanted and she (once again) said yes, she could make a bra for me with a 1cm higher centre gore and I could just order the bra I wanted from their web page and to make sure they understood what I wanted, my friend gave me a Polish sentence to put into my order ( prosze o mostek 1cm wyzszy (although I cheated and wrote 1-2cm ;-)))

As a huge fan of blue but have yet to own any blue bras, I just had to have their new Magic Blue bra
Comexim now accepts paypal, so ordering with them has become really easy.
I had no idea how long it would take for my bra to arrive, after all it had to be made extra for me, but after about a week, the bra arrived, much to my surprise.
First thing I did after unwrapping it, was to measure the centre gore and compare it to my Giselle bra. And I did a little happy dance when I saw, the centre gore is about 1,5 centimetres (0.6") higher then my Giselle bra.

I quickly put it on, and loved the way it looked from the front.
It even gives my breasts a lovely shape

Putting it on was quite a struggle as the band is TIGHT. I quickly took it back of and measured it. It measures 21.7" (55 cm) unstretched and fully stretched, 27.2"(69cm) This is the second twist as it is basically a 26" bra which is great news for those of you who need a 26" back band. Unlike Ewa Michalak, it is returnable and it does not take 2 weeks to be made.
I have to wear this bra with an extender but the extender I have, does not fit quite right

 as the back band is quite narrow. This means, one of the hooks on my extender is not hooked in, but it does not dig into my back.

Again I am blown away of the detailing and the excellent quality of this bra. I absolutely LOVE the big black bow in the centre front of the bra and the colours. Also the fact that the slight padding is made of the cotton, makes me love this bra even more.

The higher centre gore does keep my boobs in place, but I do wish it was about 1,5-2cm higher to make it more of an balconette to make it more  of an everyday bra.
But this is the best plunge style for me, it does not rub my underarms

and it is wearable under lower cut tops without being seen

I am going to ask my friend to ask Comexim in Polish for me (just to avoid confusions) if they can maybe make the centre gore even higher.
My Giselle bra has been my go to bra even though I do tend to fall out in the middle, it is the bra I chose when flying, going for long drives or if I have days where I am sitting a lot.
Basically it is my favourite bra that I wear most of the time. And I am sure the Magic Blue bra will be well loved and well worn as well.


  1. That looks great! Nice to see they can do adjustments. I was unsure before about payment but paypal seems the way to go. Along with the gorgeous new collection, this may be the final push I need to order from them myself! =)!

    Ejay x

  2. i'm just wondering about the sizing.. did you follow their size guide? is the size you're wearing the same as the chart recommends? thanks, any info. would be helpful.

  3. Barbara the size guide puts me in a 32 back but I completely ignored it and went with my reg size. This time around, a 30" back (or as they would call it 65) would have fitted better because the backband is very tight.
    But the size chart when it comes to cup size is accurate.
    If it is any help, in unpadded bras I normally take 28HH, in a bra with some padding, I take 28J

    1. This is why your bra is too tigh:) When ordering bras from Polish companies I recommend to forget about inches and use centimeters and then use +0 method (but in cm)With bigger cup sizes you can go few cm down, like you Linda:)
      Band 28 (60) is for person with around 60cm under the bust.

    2. Ola no not really, my Giselle bra from Comexim fits me in a 60 without any problems, my latest EM bra in a 28" fits me very well in the back.
      It is, like it is with a few UK bras, different from which bra it is.
      Also my firstcomexim bra, the Paradise, I bought in a 30" back because I was told Comexim made tight backs. it was def. too big and I can not wear it anymore.