Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lessons I learned from the Louvre on Boobs and Body Image

During my recent trip to France, the one place that I absolutely HAD TO visit was the Louvre.  I'm certainly no art historian but I love pretty pictures and statues so I made sure to spend an entire day wandering around its halls from opening until closing.

Now, as a lingerie blogger, I just can't help but look at things from the perspective of boobs and body image.  While I was there I took about a million pictures (it's allowed as long as you don't use your flash).  Unfortunately, my laptop recently crashed and all the pictures were lost. :(  So I've done my best to find my favorites on the Lourvre's website and share them here with you.  If I found the pictures on a different website they are cited below.

Lessons I learned from the Louvre:

  • Never forget your sports bra when going out to battle.  I mean seriously, that looks so incredibly painful!  She really needs to get in touch with Freya Active... 
Liberty Leading the People, Author: Malika Bouabdellah Dorbani
And I got to tell you that my boobs and NEVER in my life floated like that!  This must be an extra privilege when you're a goddess.
Diana, Author: Montalbetti Valérie

  • There are a million different types of "ideal body images"

Pear Shape: Une Odalisque, Author: De Vergnette François
Straight Shape: Bather, known as Valpincon Bather, Author: De Vergnette François
Long Torso: Fountain of Diana, Author: Montalbetti Valérie
See here for a picture of a sculpture with a women where the underbust is the smallest part of her waist (i.e. the mom midsection).

A Curvy Pear: Bathsheba at Her Bath, Author: Adeline Collange 

A little bit of Everything: Three Graces, Author: Michèle Perny 
Small Bust: Medal, Author: Baratte Sophie

  • One thing that surprised me was how much cleavage was on display! Unfortunately, the best cleavage pictures were lost in my laptop crash but I was at least able to find this: 

Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels with a Velvet Beret, Author: Collange Adeline

  • And for those who have a problem with breastfeeding in public? Well, get over it!

Charity, Author: Philippe Costamagna
Isis Nursing Horus, Author: Chloe
Madonna with the Green Cushion, Author: Cécile Scailliérez

  • Also, finding well-fitting clothes is apparently not a new problem! I actually found some major quadraboob on display in at least two paintings (unfortunately, both lost with may laptop data).  However, I did manage to find this painting of a lady in desperate need of a chat with her seamstress:
Women with the Pearl, Author: Pomarède, Vincent


  1. The Woman with the Pearl painting is done by Jean-Baptiste Camille. It's striking.

    1. I agree (the author part is the author of the link posted that I need to cite in order to be able to display the photos on my blog). But she actually reminds me of Sansa (played by Sophie Turner) from Game of Thrones.

  2. I love your take on this! The next time I go to an art museum, I will have to come into with the same frame of mind. :) One thing that strikes me about women in art is how much more diversity we see there than we do in modern art forms like movies or TV. The woman with the mommy midsection for example would be condemned now for not having a toned abdomen, but she looks lovely in that picture. Wonderful blog, June, and the vacation sounds like a lot of fun!