Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Curvy Kate Grape Thrill Me 30J: The Continuation of Thrill!

I feel in love with the Thrill Me the first time I tried it even though I knew the cups were a good two sizes too small.  That's why when I saw the Grape Thrill Me listed on Undercover Experience for only 14.95 GBP and international shipping was only 4 GBP, I knew I had to buy it!

After my first experience with the 30H, my guess was that I'd needed to get a 30J and end up taking in the band.  Turns out that seemed to be spot on.


As with my initial 30H, I found that the cups lacked enough depth for my very forward facing breast.  Putting on the bra immediately I found that I had gapping underneath the straps while at the same time my breast tissue was spilling towards the center gore. 

Now, I expected this after my first try with the Thrill Me and I already had an alteration in mind because of that.  But first, let me explain why that happens.  It comes down to a few things:

1. I have very soft breast tissue.  That's the biggest reason for the spillage towards the center.  Basically, if cups don't exactly fit my breast shape and they are at all too flat then my breast tissue has to go somewhere.  Thus, it spills toward the center gore.

2. My breasts are not full on top and need more depth towards the bottom.  The flatten out in cups, which causes the gapping underneath the straps.  Unlike the rounded shape you often see in other, younger bloggers with firmer breasts, mine flatten out on top (with the exception of with Ewa Michalak CH bras).

3. Curvy Kate bras tend to have wider wires and are shallower.  What I need, though, are narrower wires with more depth to fit my breast shape the beast.  Additionally, the cups are straighter along the top and don't curve along your breast shape like my Ewa Michalak CH Toffik does so my breasts are not held within the cups quite as much.  Because of that I actually need taller cups to contain my breasts within the cups.  A women with the same volume as my breast but with firmer breasts could actually probably size down  a cups size from me.

So after taking in the center gore it fixed a lot of problems.  It moved the cups more towards the center and also gave more depth inside them too.  It brought in the band some (although I'll probably have to bring it down more still) and it also helped to make the wires more narrow.


As with my previous Thrill Me I decided to cut off the ruffles because I found that they show up too much underneath clothing.  You can see in the pictures what a deruffled Thrill Me looks like.

I will say that it looks a light brighter in person. 

In terms of the shape, like I found before the Thrill Me makes my breasts taller and pushes them up more than my Ewa Michalak bras.  I've found use for both types of bras.  For instance, a Thrill Me is good if I'm wearing a dress or shirt that's not specifically made for large breasts and doesn't have as much boob room.  Whereas the Ewa Michalak bras tend to work best for BiuBiu, Pepperyberry and Urkye clothes because they do have that extra depth upfront.

Now the bra itself is not at all lowcut. Some ladies with firmer breasts might be able to order a size down from what I wear and show off more of their breasts but if I were to do that with my soft breasts that would only lead to spillage. Thus, I probably need to wear a size larger than other ladies with the same volume as me but more firmness.

In terms of appearance, I'll let you see for yourself.
Sorry for the fuzzies on my shirt! I was trying on jackets/sweaters today. :)
Couldn't managed to get a good front view but this is at an angle so my breasts normally look straight across!

I find that in pictures my breasts look a lot larger than in almost all of my other bras that I have.  I know some ladies don't like that but for me I'm perfectly happy with the appearance and really don't mind have "big-breast days".

General Comments

  • I found the bra to be quite comfortable.  While the underwires are not parallel to the bottom of the band, which is always my preference, they really don't do bad at all and I have not found that they poke me while sitting.  I've also been a fan of the material on the Thrill Me and the Grape one doesn't disappoint.  This is still one of my most comfortable bras and is often grabbed on days when  I'd like to relax more.
  • I love the color. I have a thing for purple (I'm working on it) and seem to acquire a huge amount of purple in my wardrobe. The only truly sad thing about this bra is that I wasn't able to find the matching bottoms.  I would LOVE a pair of matching high-waited briefs to go with it, especially since I found in the past that Curvy Kate briefs work amazingly well for my slim hips/big butt!
  • I still have yet to try a Tease Me. I definitely want to but I haven't managed to find anything cheap in my size.  It's definitely on my to do list, though.
  • Curvy Kate PLEASE expand your Showgirl size range!  If I could get this in a 28JJ or 28K I think I might be in heaven!!!  So many ladies squish into these bras so I'm not really buying the stability argument.  Why not just increase the range since I know there's definitely a demand for them?


  1. LOVE that bra, I have the matching shorts with suspenders, but unfortunately have outgrown the bra :((( wish I could find it in 28G or maybe even FF (though by the way the F fits that probably is be too small), it was one of my favorite sets, I wore it a lot and it still looks great, can't get rid of the bra until I find a substitute, in fact I still wear it at home it serves as demi bedroom bra now since my nipples are completely out of it LOL

    1. *...probably it would be...

    2. Oh, I hear you. This is one of my favorites too, I really hope that CK doesn't stop making their Thrill Me line because I love them. :D

      I recently got a matching pair of shorts from knickerockers that I'll review shortly. I never managed to buy the matching bottoms from CK.

  2. Cue for me to start sobbing about the narrow size range of the Show Girl bras. The Tease me in 34H and the Thrill Me (in grape as well)in 36GG were the very first bras I bought in my "bra journey". They are so very wrong in size, but I still have them in my drawer, can't bear to part with them. Oh, how wonderful a 32JJ/K would be :o I really, really wish they would come out in more sizes :(

    1. I don't blame you. I too wish they carried more sizes! They are really popular bras and I know so many women who squish into them. Curvy Kate please expand your size range! :D

  3. How'd it go ordering from Undercover Experience? I've thought about ordering from them, but I've been hesitant because I haven't heard much of anything about their customer service.

    1. Very well! I meant to mention that in my post but completely forgot. :(

      I did have a question about my order from their website. I sent them an email and got an almost immediate response. The customer service was very friendly and helpful!

  4. I seem to remember you making a post about this, but I forget- how does one cut off the ruffles properly? I love the bra but haven't ordered it since the last time I tried and sent it back, the ruffles were bumpy under everything!

    1. Very carefully. All I did was take a pair of scissors and cut it off making sure to hold back the lace and the rest of the bra. It actually wasn't very hard at all (I don't have special scissors or anything).