Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Staples for my Goal Wardrobe: Workout Clothes

A big part of losing weight is maintaining that weight loss.  Thus, having a good workout wardrobe, one that I love, gives me lots of support and also makes me appreciate my body is of the utmost importance.

I have to admit that I'm a big fan of the Freya Active line and my Freya Active sports bra in 30GG gets a ridiculous amount of use to the point that the hooks are falling off. 

When it comes to a workout wardrobe the staples that I need are: swimwear, workout clothes, and shoes.


I have to admit that I don't have my mind made up here.  The Freya Active swimwear would be my absolute first choice if they carried a bikini top and briefs (as I complained about here it intimate detail).  But long story short both one-pieces and tankini's do really poorly on my body type.

The way I see it I have two options (and I still haven't decided yet what I'll choose... maybe if money allows it I'll end up doing both!).  Either I'll end up buying the Freya Active tankini plus briefs and then try to get the tankini altered into a bikini top, similarly to what I did with my Fantasie Zante, although I worry about getting the same support when looking at the way the back is built in the tankini

or I'll end up buying the beautiful Curvy Kate swimwear, probably the Caribbean Curve,

I have to admit that beyond that the bikini selection in 28Js (and even in the 28HH range) sucks!  Seriously, I can't tell you how upset I was when browsing Bravissimo's website and they carry 6 Panache suits in 28Js and ALL OF THEM ARE BLACK (since originally making this post it looks like there are only 3 left now!).  Seriously, WTF?  Why is that that if you have a small back and a larger cup size that you must be doomed to wear black? Is black the nude of swimwear?  Come on people, I've lost over 80lbs so I could stop wearing black all the time and now black is the only option you're going to give me?

Whew, ok rant over but I'm at a complete loss on why blacks is the only color available for  28J's or even 28HH's (although, apparently 28H's are allowed some color?)...

So long story short it's either the Freya Active suit (because the bands run tight 30's work well for me in it) or the Caribbean Curve.  Basically it's a trade off between fit (Caribbean Curve would be the more flattering of the two and probably wouldn't require alterations) and performance (Freya Active would certainly reduce the bounce during swimming/water aerobics BUT I'd also have to pay for alterations). Maybe I'll win the lottery and can buy both, I wish!

Workout Clothes

When it comes to workout clothes, I've had my mind made up for awhile now.  Basically, I'm trying to get my current Freya Active sports bra to limp along until July when this beauty comes out:

Coming out in July 2012.  Size Range

I can't believe that there will finally be a workout top with a built-in bra!  This has been a dream of mine since I was in high-school and all my other runner friends (with small chests) had tops like this in their size.

I'm not sure about the pants, I might go cheap there, but I definitely want the top! Plus, it would save me having to buy both a top and sports bra.  Oh, and it has the added benefit of cutting down on layers in my non-air conditioned gym here in Brazil.


I have flat feet and definitely need supportive shoes while working out.  My favorite tennis shoes are New Balance (seriously, I've been wearing these as running shoes as far back as I can remember!) and they have the added benefit of having a wide range of widths to them.

Because of my flat feet I normally wear my shoes with an added arch support insert between the well-made shoes and insert I no longer have foot pain while working out (and it avoids exasperating my already existing knee problems). 

New Balance Cross Trainer

In terms of the type of shoes, I used to always buy running shoes but now, thanks to my knee injury, running is out of the question.  So I plan on getting a pair of cross-trainers being that they'll provide me the best stability during the light aerobic activity I do to warm-up before lifting.  I also use my shoes for walking (something we do often here) so it's good to have a more multi-purpose shoe.


  1. Oooh! I love that new workout top! I have the red sportsbra in 30FF and love it.

    1. I know, it's amazing, isn't it? July can't come soon enough! :D

  2. Re non black bikini: The Panache Tao comes in a 28J. Last time I checked it was on sale on Bravissimo's website (it also comes in my size, got to love Panache!)

    1. Really? Ok, I'll definitely have to look then. I always thought it was odd that they only had black suits, but I know sometimes the sale items don't show up when you run searches there (for some odd reason?)

  3. I have the Freya Active tankini, normally wear a 32HH or a 30J but had to get it in 34H as that was the closest size. I found it very comfortable in the hot tub but haven't actually been swimming in it yet!

    1. Oh really?? Have you done a review on your blog? Or would you be willing to do a guest review here??? Also, do you have a smaller underbust or waist and if your waist is larger than your underbust did you have any issues with it rolling up with movement?

      Please try it out and let me know! :D

    2. I think I have to try it out in the pool before I can review it!

      One problem with a tankini in a hot tub is the air from jets getting under the top and making me look like I had about a Z cup. Hilarious!

    3. Get to a pool then! ;) Seriously, though, if you have a chance to try it out I'd love it if you wanted to do a guest post over here. It would really help me decide on what I want to get.

  4. This is really helpful as I've been looking for a swimsuit (that I can actually do some swimming in), and I have flat feet/fallen arches! I find the lack of options in small back/H+ swimwear really annoying... looking forward to hearing what you decide on!
    Honestly I would prefer a tankini to a bikini just because I have a high risk for skin cancer and want to avoid sun exposure as much as I can, but those seem even harder to find and get a good fit on...

    1. Glad this could help! I really wish there was better selection in the small back/large bust market for suits. I'm very happy that Panache does offer so many suits but I don't get why just in black (or why Bravissimo choose to sell so many all in one color, doesn't seem like a remotely wise marketing idea to me..).

      I think you could definitely pull off the Freya Active swimwear (they definitely run tight in the band) so if you're interested in that tankini, go for it!

      I actually do almost all my swimming indoors so sun exposure isn't an issue for me but it seems like some major sun block could help? Both my parents have had skin cancer at one point in their lives so I definitely know where you're coming from.

      Oh, and I can't rave enough about the New Balance shoes. I've tried a lot of different brands over the years (I did both track and cross country in high school and played on my college's soccer team in college) and those have been the most supportive brand that I've found. :D Sierra Trading Post is like the Brastop for New Balance, so look there for deals!

  5. Since recently getting my Panache Sports Bra, I've discovered that actually running isn't quite as bad as it was. It's still terrible and makes me feel like death, but it's a death I might choose to do for fun once in a while (once I've forgotten how last time felt). I wish I could do better at regular exercise ><

    I keep wondering if I'm asking for trouble in choosing not to replace my beautiful but unsupportive swimsuit (or togs, as well call them). I don't swim very often because summer here is as fleeting as a mayfly's life, but when I do I am vigorous about it :/ I haven't found anything I like, though.

    I bought new running shoes for $100 and then lost them! Now I am refusing to buy new ones because it's too soon since the last ones. Too soon!

    1. I know how you feel! I remember the days of no real sports bra and almost all my exercises were done with two bras on and still holding them during jumping, yikes! Sorry that running still is annoying to you, though, are there any other sports that would be possible? Are there any nearby indoor swimming pools? If you love swimming (like it sounds you do!) it really might be worth up picking up a new suit and finding an indoor pool (if possible!). It's been one form of exercise that I've really been able to stick to well.

      Check out Sierra Trading Post. I know for sure that they have international shipping and tons of sales. I think I picked up my New Balance shoes for about $20-$25 USD so even if you have to pay some for shipping it'll be much cheaper than $100! ;)

    2. I love sports, just not "exercise". Going to the gym, running - it's all too mindless and gives me nothing to take my thoughts off how much my body isn't enjoying itself. I play Ultimate Frisbee once a week and I'm considering doing swing dancing to see if that's physical enough. I do enjoy swimming as well, but it's another "mindless" sport - and I can't use indoor swimming pools because my throat closes up when I inhale chlorine fumes!

      I will check out this Sierra Trading Post. It's really important for Ultimate Frisbee to have shoes with good grip or you slip and slide everywhere.