Monday, May 28, 2012

More on Comexim

Thanks to two comments on Linda's lovely guest post yesterday about the new Polish bra brand Comexim, I found out some really amazing news about Comexim that I just had to share with my readers!
  1. Comexim will make ANY bra in their catalogue into a nursing bra!  Seriously, how amazing is that!? I think this is a huge step forward for nursing moms because it's extremely hard to find nursing lingerie in small back sizes.  Freya only starts at 30 backs, Ewa Michalak doesn't accept returns on 28 backs and under (although that now is possible through the Big Bra Bar), Panache and Royce Lingerie do cover that range (up until J cups I believe?) but their bras don't work on everybody. 
  2. Comexim will also make ANY bra low or high cut if you request it!  Again, this is great for those looking specifically for a plunge bra or a more full-fit bra.  
Now, I'd admit that payment can be tricky as Linda discussed in her post.  So here's what you need to do. Email them! Tell them that you're interested in buying their bras but let them know that you'd like other payment options.  If there is enough demand paypal has to be included, it's as simple as that! :)

So with bras that look like this:

How can you resist ordering? 

My biggest issue if figuring out just ONE to try first!


  1. They are lovely bras! I just stumbled across the existence of this company tonight and I am just salivating at all of the possibilities!! :)

    1. I know, right? I can't wait to try them myself.