Tuesday, May 15, 2012

30 and Under Bra Band Project is Live!

Click Here to See the Bra Band Project!

Back in March myself and 4 other awesome bloggers (Boosaurus, BrasIHate, ByBabysRules, and StackDD) started the Bra Band Project.   We want to show to the world that there was a real need for bra bands  in 30 backs and under.  That we were real women, both young and old who needed these bras (and sometimes in large cup sizes too!). 

Since then we've had a tremendous response!  Many other bloggers and companies have helped use spread the word (THANK YOU!) and now we're ready to show off the results.  Upon hearing about our Bra Band Project Claudette responded:

"We know how critical a great fit is, and the correct band size is where this starts. So, we are delighted that so many women are now becoming more educated and are demanding a bra that truly fits them – aligning with Claudette's vision from day one! Our best-selling sizes are 30 and 32 bands, the popularity of these sizes has created a solid demand for the addition of 28’s which we plan to add in our size mix for SS13." -Claudette Lingerie

Below is our official statement but I just want to add a few things about the projects:

- It can be hard for many of us find the correct size, especially for those of us in the sub 28 band range so not all of us are in the correct bra size because of that.
- Panache plans on coming out with a 26 band bra at some point in the near future.
- We have decided to make this focused on DD+ cups being that is our expertise, however, ladies in the smaller cups shouldn't fret! 32AA has agreed to help out! :D
- The project is ongoing, so if you haven't yet submitted a photo and want to, you can do that right here.

Welcome to The Bra Band Project!

We first started this project after a few big-name, full-busted (DD+ cups) lingerie companies asserted that there was "no market" for 30 and under bands, and that "30 and under bands are for juniors." We wholeheartedly disagreed! We knew that there were plenty of us out there struggling to find bras in these sizes.

To illustrate our point, we've collected photos of women who wear sizes 24-30 band bras in sizes DD-KK, ranging from ages 18-50+. As the photos show, we are women of a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and ages, and we need and deserve bras that fit.

Why is having a wide range of band sizes available in the market so important to us? We believe that a bra cannot do its heavy lifting without a firm, supportive band. The band of the bra -- not the straps -- does most of the work lifting your breasts! This is just as true for women wearing a 24, 26, 28, and 30 band as it is for band sizes 32 and up. But if we can't find our best size, how can we get the support we need? And it's not only large bust sizes that need good support: a band that is too large will cause problems for women and girls with busts of any size.

This project also helps illustrate that for full-busted women, band size is often best determined using your true underbust/ribcage measurement as a starting point and adding or subtracting inches as needed on a case-by-case basis. For many of us, no inches need to be added to this measurement!

We hope this project is enlightening to you. We hope it makes people think and re-think their views on bra sizes and what bra sizes mean. We hope you can relate to these women.

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We hope you know you are beautiful.


The Bra Band Project Team

For help determining your bra size and fit:
Butterfly Collection Bra Size Calculator
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For further reading:
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A few places with a good selection of 30 and under bands online:
http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/ (they custom make bras in 28 bands or below but you must send them an email to do so)

Also, there is another blogger out there working on gathering pictures of women in various bra sizes as examples if you'd like to help out!

NOW, without further ado! The link to our flickr album with all the bra bands separated by band size.

Click Here to See the Bra Band Project!


  1. Thanks for linking to our calculator, and I'm so glad the project is live! What I love about the gallery is how you can see that these women are different shapes and sizes so the idea that women in this band range are ultra-thin, model types isn't really true. Great job ladies!

    1. No problem and I'm glad you enjoyed it! BTW, I just LOVED your post on 32AA recently, absolutely amazing! ;)