Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Curvy Kate Thrill Me 30H: Deruffling

This is my first Curvy Kate review even though I've been trying a bunch of them lately.  The reason I've held back on the reviews is that I hadn't quite figured out the sizing on the Curvy Kate bras and until I got the correct size I didn't want to review any of them because it's hard to give a good review when you're still sporting a lot of quadraboob!

Now, I have to admit the Thrill Me is about 1-2 cup sizes too small but the quadraboob has the effect of going up (makes my breasts taller) instead of out over the cups so it's definitely in the wearable category.  Hence, me posting this review.


Like I said the cup size is small for me.  I own this in a 30H (bought it used for cheap with a bunch of other bras so I didn't have a much of a say in the size but I still really wanted to try it!).  Ideally, I'd have this in a 28JJ but since the Show Girl range ends at 28J when I make my next purchase I'll go for a 30J.  I've found that in terms of fit I really need to take in the center gore so it helps tighten up the band a bit, which makes the 30 band a pretty good fit (even though is is still bigish on me).  

From my experimenting with Curvy Kate bras I'd say I need a 28JJ in the shear cup bras so it does seem to be pretty much exactly in line with my Showgirl size.  Other bloggers have commented that they need to go up in the cup size for the Showgirl range but that doesn't seem to ring true for me.  My feeling on this is that it probably comes down to the difference between firm vs. soft breasts.  My softer breasts settle down into the cups here and don't appear very firm on top.  However, for someone with firmer breasts their breasts aren't going to mould as well to the cups so they'll likely find they need to go up a cup size.  Additionally, because I sew the center gore together it makes the cups deeper and more narrow, which is exactly what I need in terms of fit.  However, if I didn't do that I'd probably have to go up a cup size (and then deal with too wide wires on the side because the cups are made for shallower, wider breasts than I have).  

Basically, long story short, sewing the center gore fixes a lot of the fit issues here.

One thing that I LOVE about the fit here, though, is the high center gore.  It definitely comes up higher than the CH's from Ewa Michalak so that's one big advantage there for me (I wonder how that will be on the BP's that are made specifically with softer breasts in mind?  It'll be interesting to compare!).  Even though the cup is small here I have absolutely NO spillage towards the center!! So moms looking for a good date night bra, definitely check out the Showgirl collection. ;)



This bra definitely pulls off the Va-Va-Voom effect to showcase your breasts!  Now, I will say, there's quite a big difference between the way the Thrill Me does this compared to Ewa Michalak bras.  Ewa Michalak bras project your breasts forward and give them either a rounded or football shape.  The Thrill Me projects your breasts upwards so they appear taller but more of an oval shape.

I think in terms of use it really would depend on your choice of an outfit.  Sometimes you want more of a forward projection and sometimes you could want taller, not so forward breasts.  Just one example is a BiuBiu top that's specifically made to have extra room in the bust might do better with an Ewa Michalak bra whereas if you were trying to squeeze into a off-the-rack dress that is slightly tighter in the bust (but has enough room in terms of height) the Thrill Me could be more appropriate.  I'm NOT saying this is a minimizing bra because it's absolutely NOT.  But the height vs. forward project makes a difference in terms of how clothes fit.

The ruffles

When it comes to the ruffles on the Thrill Me you either have a love or hate reaction to them.  For me they look cute on principle but I HATE them underneath clothes.  As you can see in the pictures above I just cut them off (being careful to leave the lacing on).  I actually might cut off the lacing too because I've found that it shows up underneath tight shirts but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

In the meantime, I've found that this is a good bra when I'm wearing layered clothes.  On a trip to India awhile back I picked up a sari and later an Indian friend of mine gifted me this choli to wear underneath.

CK Thrill Me 30H worn underneath a Choli

Unfortunately, I don't have many places to wear a sari but the choli has gotten A LOT of use!  It's really great to wear underneath too low shirts or for turning sleeves dresses/shirts into ones with a sleeve but yet it doesn't add bulk (good in Brazilian temperatures!).  So, normally when I'm wearing my Thrill Me I put this on over it to avoid the lace showing up underneath tops.

General Comments

- If you know your Curvy Kate size in sheer cups, just know that it might not be the same in the Showgirl range.  For me it seems to be true (and I'd guess that other women with softer breasts might experience the same).

- CK sizing seems to be quite a bit different for me than other brands.  I own the Cleo George in 28J and it's starting to get big in the cups (think I might prefer 28HH at this point) and my Freya Active in 30GG is a really good fit still, actually better than when I first bought it.  However, for some reason in Curvy Kate bras I need to go up quite a bit in the cup sizes.  I've also found that the bands fit fairly tight on me (more so than the Cleo and a Bravissimo Alana bra that I tried that was too small in the cups, for instance).

- Check out the history of Showgirl bras on bratabase.  Basically, it's good to know that they don't all fit the same way (even in the same season) so try and see reviews first before placing an order.

- I haven't included any of my reviews yet on the sheer cup bras but I plan to soon.  However, I will say that the Thrill Me is definitely the best shape for me.  I've struggled a bit with the sheer cup bras from Curvy Kate.  They're beautiful but the shape doesn't work the best with my breasts. However, I really need to try a 28JJ before I can say for 100% sure.


  1. I had this bra, but returned it after buying it because I did not like it. I think all those ruffles are overkill. The main reason I did not like it was due to the ruffles giving me the quadroboob effect under clothes. It looked awful, but I never thought to cut them off!

    1. Between cutting off the ruffles and sewing up the center gore it transformed an eh bra to one that I really like now. If you ever see it for cheap somewhere maybe it would be worth it to try it! Personally, I'd love this one just in plain colors (could be with some design) but at least without the ruffles and lace. I know others love that but I wear a lot of t-shirts so it wouldn't be very practical for me with the ruffles on.

  2. I have been thinking about getting a Gagra choli. But I was wondering if I could wear one with out the the Sari. Or do you have to to wear the Sari with it.

    1. You can definitely go without a sari! I'll post an outfit post today or tomorrow with an example. ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the choli tip, I have several gathering dust at the back of my closet!

    1. Go for it! I've found a lot of use for it (will post an example outfit today or tomorrow). :D

  4. Hi, I recently bought my first Thrill me, and I'm considering cutting off the ruffles and maybe even taking my seam ripper to the lace. I was wondering if maybe you could take another picture of the bra without the ruffles so that I can better see how it looks? :)

    1. Sure! I actually recently bought another Thrill Me and have already deruffled it, so I'll post a review+pictures soon. :D

  5. Hey, thanks for the review. I was wondering, did u cut the ruffles off with a scissor, or did u do it with removing stitches?