Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Curvy Clothes would YOU like to see?

Recently, BiuBiu asked on their Facebook page:

Question time! What kind of shirts would you like BiuBiu to sell? Sleeves long, short, 3/4 length? What colours or patterns? Smart or casual? We'd love to hear your views.
This company really gets it!  I love that they're asking this and so I wanted to put out there what I would like to see that comes made for curvy women.  So often my style is dictated by what I can find, not by what I want to wear!  Of course, I'd still love to see my ideal shirt put into production. ;)

So here's what I want to wear:

Modcloth: I love patterns but not throughout the piece.  I also love that this is fitted around the underbust but doesn't look like a maternity dress.  This would look amazing on a bust gal.
Modcloth:  It's actually very similar to the new Infinity shirts from BiuBiu (great design, by the way!) but in a slightly fancier dress form

Modcloth: Again, I love the slight patterns and the yellow makes me swoon.
Modcloth: Again, I love the pattern at the bottom.  The reason I included this is that I'd like a nice casual dress with thin straps that's very lightweight for the summer.  This really looks perfect.
Modcloth.  I love the pattern/color but I'd change the fit.  I'd include sleeves and either an empire waist or a nipped in waist that flared out.  The current fit probably wouldn't be very flattering on a busty gal.

Modcloth. Lace! Wouldn't it be great to have a nice lacy number?  But please not in white because my 3 year old would destroy that in a second!!! an
Ann Taylor: Sorry for the tiny pic, look here.  What I love about this shift is the cream lining that compliments the blue so well.  BiuBiu has some amazing shifts already but I'd love some of these extra details that really spice up a dress to be added.
Modcloth:  What stood out to me with this tunic was not only the cute pattern on it but also the tie around the waist, which I think would be quite flattering.

Modcloth: Tops that I liked were few and far between because it seems like flowing peasant tops are the trend at the moment and they so do NOT work for a busty gal like myself.  However, this one really demonstrates how you can pull off a peasant top while still accentuating your waist, I love it!

Ann Taylor.  Again, see here. I'd LOVE a perfectly tailored suit jacket.  I know Pepperberry sells some suits, which I might try eventually but BiuBiu already has a lot of great work appropriate shift and button down shirt options, so it would be great to see some of those paired with an amazingly well-fitting jacket!
North Face Jacket listed on Zappos: I love hoodies, they're so soft and comfy but it's annoying that they always come too small in the bust and too large in the waist.  I'd love to have one that actually fits!

Many of these are sleeveless, but not really by intention  (I'd be just as happy if they had sleeves) instead it just seemed that the fit/design I was looking for happened to be sleeveless. However, almost all of the dresses above would still look amazing with sleeves added.

What would YOU like to see?


  1. I would be so happy with an actual wrap dress. Not a Faux wrap. Rompers and Jumpsuits. Cute hoodies that don't bust open. PeaCoat, and a classic Burberry Trench.

    You do know that Mod Cloth goes up to a 3xl in some of their offerings.

    1. Oh yes, a Burberry Trench coat that would fit a large bust, talk about the holy grail! :) I'd also love a nice Pea Coat. Pepperberry sometimes has some jackets that verge on these but they're never *quite* what I'd want.

      Yep, but with modcloth I'd have to get alterations and that's always annoying. Also, because my back is so much smaller than my bust I've found that shirts/dress that are really fitted around the bust (like the very top blue dress I posted) would need to almost be entirely reconstructed to account for my bust size. I think the second blue dress, for instance, might work well with alterations but I'm skeptical of the others...

  2. A shirt-dress would be awesome.

  3. A tailored suit jacket, that would be it. It's easier now that I am 30F, but still hunting for one where the buttons are just right, it's long enough and then still having to have it tailored in some cases? I was pining for the recent Pepperberry one, but of course it sold out too quickly. And for the summer even they seem to think that you don't need stuff for the office. Custom tailoring would be it, but I am just transitioning into the 'work' world, and cannot afford that

    1. Suits really are hard and I also desperately need a nice jacket. Like you I need it for work but still am not far enough along in my career to be able to afford anything too nice. I'd love to get one tailored, what a dream! :(

  4. Ahh, this is so timely... I was just in a boutique store the other day where they had all these styles that I LOVE and would totally wear if I didn't have big boobs - dainty, flowy Renaissance-type dresses, lace dresses... things that I love the look of, but they just don't fit me at all!

    1. I hear you! I lust after so many of those pretty little lace dresses. There's a store here that sells handmaid lace dress that I constantly drool over but they could probably only fit a women with a C cup or under.

  5. This is such a fun post, June. I'm blanking on all the things I've yearned for over the years, but you inspired me to begin a Pinterest board for this and I've just pinned a few ideas, mainly dresses and jackets. Here's the link:

    Let me know if you join Pinterest, and I'll make you (and anyone else who wants to) a contributor to this board. Or you can create your own board that I follow and re-pin from. I know, I know . . . you just started Twitter. But Pinterest is perfect for this!

    1. I mentioned this on your blog too but I really love the Posh Vintage Girl dress and the Daisy jacket, both gorgeous choices! :D

      I'll let you know about pinterest. I'm still working on navigating twitter. One step at a time in getting me into the tech world. :)

  6. Hello June,

    I am really impressed by the amount of work you put into the research! It seems very thorough and perhaps it is a pity that you did not have more
    replies, which would let you draw some more definite conclusions.

    Now about your main point, which is underbust measurement vs. waist measurement in clothing sizing charts.
    First of all, as a designer of bust-friendly clothes I have to agree to the following:
    - different measurments are more or less relevant for different clothing styles
    - underbust is definitely an important factor in clothing designed for bigger busts
    But when you analyse the matters further, you will notice (as you mentioned at the beginning, explaining why you will not be analysing dresses), that there are many more measurements that may be of importance - because of the variety of female shapes. Besides the bust/underbust/waist/hips (Which are kind of obvious) there is the person's height, length of the body/legs/arms and the corresponding length of the top/skirt/sleeves, upper arm circumference and sleeve width, shoulders/back width (related to the fact
    that the same bust measurement may be a result of narrow back and big breasts or wide back and smaller breasts), and the combination of any two of
    those may also matter. (E.g. two persons with identical bust/waist/hips may one be 5'2" and the other 6' tall - they will look entirely different!). As a designer, the deeper you get into clothing design, the more you realise
    that the number of factors is huge. Any new customer may bring some revelation and new challenges to tackle.
    But as a manufacturer, you have to cover it all (or rather as much of it as is feasible) without going bankrupt or losing your mind, and keeping things simple at the same time. ;)
    So here is the manufacturer's point of view:
    We thought of including as many measurements as possible in the sizing charts. But the charts have to be standardized. We alreay have two charts
    (one for stretchy and one for non-stretchy clothes). Having varied charts for various clothing items (or lots of various measurements put in one charts) may generally be more of a nuisance than help - a lot of people
    would simply be scared off or lost, and our effort would not be worth it.
    So instead this is what we do:

    - we base our clothing on bust fit; this is our choice and mission
    - we use waist as the other important parameter
    - as this is a BUST fit, we also indicate for what CUP SIZES approximately various BiuBiu bust sizes are made (this info is on the same page as the
    sizing chart based on bust/waist in cm)
    - additional measurements which we find relevant, are often added in the description of a specific item (this include sleeve length, dress length, or
    hips measurements in some hip-sensitive dresses)
    - we offer fitting assistance by e-mail and we always ask for bust/waist/hips, UK bra size (this contains the underbust information!) and height of the person; basing on this and on any other information the Client provides we try to suggest best solutions, which may vary depending on what
    clothing items we are talking
    - we try when we can to use a variety of models
    - we encourage exchanging information between our clients about the fit.

    [to be continued]

    1. Kinga

      Thanks SO much for stopping by and commenting on this! I'm going to link your comment to the Underbust Survey Part 5: Clothing size too because it's quite relevant there also. :)

      I certainly don't envy clothing manufacturers when it comes to deciding on sizes. I always suspected there was a wide range of sizes and measurements that had to be dealt with but was quit shocked to see how much underbust alone varied within my survey. You're completely right about the other measurements too (height, hips, arms etc) and I've also wondered how standized measurements come about?

      I do love (and have mentioned it more than once I here and elsewhere) how you include variety in model sizes (but in size and body shape), which is extremely helpful when picking out clothes. And how helpful you are on the facebook page too.

      Kinga, do you mind if I ask how you were able to determine sizing for BiuBiu? Did you survey women first or go through a number of fit models? I'm really fascinated by how the whole process works (actually if you ever wanted to write a guest post here explaining this in more detailed I'd be thrilled!).

      I'm looking forward to the continuation of your response! :)

    2. Kinga- for some reason I received the second part of your comment in my email but it's not showing up here. Do you want me to repost it for you? Or did you delete it?

  7. The last item, client feedback and information, is done throught Facebook and BiuBiu blog.
    Our Polish FB fanpage contains a lot of photographs and comments from customers. Comments are mostly in Polish but you are welcome to use English,too!
    You are welcome to ask in English, too!

    Additionally, we have an English-language FB site to make sure that international customers do not miss out on previews and offers
    And finally, we have just recently launched a photo blog for our clients to publish their photos. The blog is in Polish but photographs are
    self-explanatory, client's vital measurements are provided in cm, and you can search the blog by English-language keywords too.
    So, to summarise: we know that good fit is a problem, we believe it is too complicated for one simple sizing chart, so we use a variety of methods to help our Clients :)

    Bust regards ;)
    Kinga Robak

  8. I realize this is a while ago, but blazers! I've never owned a blazer, and I've always wanted one :D

    And more dresses with full skirts: I got the hips to match my bust measurement, so boob-friendly clothing often only solves half the problem :) And I think many smaller-hipped women also like full skirts, to get that hourglass look :D

    1. Yes, I really wish there were more blazers out there too! I recently tried a Pepperberry Jacket: which actually did work pretty well. However, it was tight in the shoulders. I'm really hoping that Urkye: clothing line will carry some jackets too!

      Have you tried Collectif or Pinup Girl or the BiuBiu Summer City? All are boob-friendly and offer a lot of flared skirt options. :)

  9. I am chiming in really late:
    1. cute workout tops. That actually fit. I alsways see those nice tanks by activewear brands, and I put it on and the shelf bra doesn't fit, or it is too lose in the underbust, or too low, or something like that. Annoying.
    2. Seconding the blazer and the shirt dresses, this one is really hard
    3. Sleeveless dresses with fitted bodices. With room for bra straps and the "girls"
    4. A well fitting cardigan. The ones that fit well when buttoned tend to be boxy
    5. Pants that aren't too tight at the thigh! I am happy about the curvy cut pants. Can people make them for "curvy" thighs too! Straight leg and boot cut pants on me are always tight in thigh, no matter what size I am. As a result, I mostly wear skirts or dresses to work, since it isn't very professional to show up in tight pants. I don't really like wide legged trousers.