Friday, March 30, 2012

What can I do as an individual?

I'm passionate about proper bra fitting.  It's a major health concerned as I discussed here.  50% of women report having breast related discomfort when it comes to exercise.  Considering that worldwide people are struggling to get in enough physical activity, that should really make a stop and think.  How many women aren't exercising because they can't find a good sports bra?  How many aren't exercising because they get a rash from their bra or are too uncomfortable/embarrassed by the bounce? 

Bra fitting goes beyond physical activity and into proper posture/back health too.  It can also affect the body image of young teens, which affect them well into adulthood too.  I absolutely think this is a health issue that needs to be addressed.

I don't expect everyone to get up and write a blog like I do, so if you're at home reading this and wondering what you can do here are some suggestions:

1. Join the Bra Band Project.  Even if you don't wear a 30 band or under spread the word!
2. Take my Underbust Survey if you haven't already.  I plan on updating the statistics after a year. 
3. Contact your local lingerie boutiques.  Encourage them to expand their size range, buy locally in your correct size if possible BUT don't be talked into buying a size that doesn't fit! That just messes up the store's statistics on what sizes are needed.  Instead, if they don't have your size ask them to order it. 
4. Contact your local schools.  Ask them to include  proper bra fitting knowledge in health classes.  If you need help explaining why cite the studies I list here
5. Bother companies! Send emails to companies like Playtex, Victoria's Secret, etc that are promoting adding inches as a starting point.  Ask them to change their fitting advice.  Send them the studies, write letters, complain at the stores.  Everything helps!
6. Put your money where your mouth is.  Companies aren't going to change unless they see a financial need to do so.  If you're a 28F who buys 32D's locally, stop it.  Start ordering online and get your correct size.  On my resource page I list a number of places where you can find your bra size online.  There is no motivation for a company to change if they're still bringing in a nice profit. 
7.  Spread the word to your friends! Get your mother, your sister, your daughter, your friends fitted.  If you don't want to bug them too much send them a link to my blog or any of the other blogs out there talking about proper fitting.  If they want to see a video Georgina has a great one here
8. Be creative!  On my post about Victoria's Secret one of the commenters joked about wearing her bras upside down.  Someone could organize a bunch of ladies taking pictures with their bras on upside and send it to Victoria's Secret.  Brastop has been posting photos of women wearing their plus-four size vs. their actual size.  Come up with your own ideas to help with proper fit. :)
9. Write guest posts! If you find a company that is dolling out awful fit advice and are so inspired to write a guest post for me, I'll be happy to post it! Just send me at email with the post at . 
10.  Donate bras!  Darlene has been talking a lot about Support 1000 and is trying to generate ideas too.  Helper her out or simply donate directly to Support 1000. 
11. If you live in a bra-desert (especially a country like mine) start the movement! Start a blog or a forum that opens discussions about proper bra fitting. 

Have any other ideas that I'm missing here?  Add them in the comments and I'll be happy to include them in this post. :) 


  1. This is like the Bra Activist's Action Pack! I love it! Such great advice and you're absolutely right that consumers are the ones who can change the range of sizes and products available. Well done xx

    1. Thanks! Definitely, that's why I always encourage women to buy their correct size. If we keep on buying the closest fit there's no motivation for stores to change.

  2. Love this! I'm going to make this a weekly thing: I'll write to a brand every week!

    1. Yay! I can't wait to see those posts! :D

  3. Excellent suggestions! Thank you for all of these great ideas.

  4. Why not simply go to custom bra fitters? you will no doubt get the correct size AND, sales for large companies will decrease.