Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Staples for my Goal Wardrobe: Work Clothes

I decided to break up my list into a few different categories because it was getting really, really long (man, I need to start saving up some serious $$ to buy all of this, building a wardrobe from scratch is NOT cheap!).

First off, I need at least a semi-decent work wardrobe.  While I can wear fairly casual clothes for work too, I also have to give talks, travel for business, have interviews etc so I do need some essential business items too.  

Pencil Skirt

My first choice for a pencil skirt was the Laura Byrnes Black Label High Waisted Pencil Skirt (listed on Pinup Girl Clothing for $80 and on Deadly is the Female for 70 GBP).

However, it looks like it's sold out everywhere! Plus, I have to admit the price was pretty daunting for me.

What I love about the skirt, though, is that it's high waisted but doesn't have too much of a nipped in waist or a tight looking waist band around the waist.  No matter how much I hit the gym, I'll still have loose skin and the after effects of major weight loss/pregnancy so I have to be pretty careful about waist bands, how tight they are and where they sit on my mid-section. 

Because the Laura Byrnes' skirt is sold out, I really do need something in the meantime.    I've heard good things about this H&M skirt

and ended up buying it for 14.99 GBP.  I have to say I love that price! I still want to buy the Laura Byrnes once it's stocked again, but it won't be an immediate purchase because of the price.

The H&M skirt does have a waist band, which I wonder how it'll look on my body but it's curved and looks rather forgiving.  The model has a more straight torso so I'm hoping that it'll work well with my body. 

Business Suit

I'm still undecided when it comes to a nice business suit. 

Pepperberry has a pinstriped suit that looks ok (27.60 GBP for the jacket and and 11.50 GBP for the pants):

But I have to admit that I'm not in love with it and am nervous trying it because I've never worn Pepperberry clothes before (and I've heard so many mixed reviews).  It's currently on sale so I'm not sure if it'll be around either by the time I could afford it.

H&M also has a matching   jacket (29.99 GBP) that goes with the pencil skirt above.  I had actually planned on ordering this with the skirt but because the jacket wasn't set to be released until next month I decided to go ahead with just buying the skirt. 
I have to admit, I prefer the solid color over the pinstrip so my preference is probably for the H&M combined with the skirt.  Plus, the H&M jacket has pockets, which is another big plus for me.  My hope would be that because of the low button that it would work well for my bust.  Also, I've owned jackets from H&M before and found them to work well for a large bust.  If I do this I'll shoot for a one size up and then take it in, in the waist. 

Basic White Shirt

It's always good to have a classy white shirt to wear underneath your business suit and from what I hear Campbell and Kate leads the field in that department for busty women
and you can even try 3 out and return the two that don't fit for the price of one (listed at $160 ).  There's a decent chance that I'll be going to NYC for a business trip this next year so if that's the case then I'll get the chance to try one on in person.  :)

Shift Dress

I really love BiuBiu's Pasadena (161 PLN)
enough said. :) However, this is definitely one to wait until I hit goal before buying because I want it to be well-fitted to my body. It's really a gorgeous dress, looks incerdibly professional and also appears to be a good length.  What I love about this too is that often I need to dress up in warm weather so the short sleeves would be a good match.

Another great thing about a shift is that there's no waistband for me to worry about.  It would give a flattering look around my midsection but nothing to dig into my waist. 


I have flat feet and bad knees so I have to be extremely careful when it comes to picking out shoots.  Super high-heeled stilettos would wreak absolute havoc on my feet and knees.  One brand that I've found in the past year that works well for me are Danskos and I've found two great options that would work well in a professional environment:

Bett Black Nappa the more formal of the two.  It has a low-heel, which still is probably higher than what I should be wearing but as long as I don't turn it into an every-day shoe it would be a great option for when I need to dress more formally.

Reeny Black Full Grain   the more casual of the two and something that would also look great with jeans and a T-shirt. It also comes in brown but it would be a fun shoe if it came in red or some other colors too.:)

 I'm not sure of their actual prices because they vary so much by retailer.  Sometimes I've seen Dansko shoes listed around $150 but on outlet websites they can be significantly cheaper at around $70 (or even much less once you add in discount codes).


  1. Replies
    1. Nope, not yet. But it's definitely on my list to do! I want to wait, though, until I'm actually at goal first. I'm probably about 10-20lbs away at this point, so hopefully soon. :)

      I have started picking up a few items of clothing now. Things that are stretchier or can be easily altered.

    2. June, if you can find a seamstress to do cheap alterations in your town, you can probably find one that will make clothes from patterns for a reasonable amount, as well. It's worth looking into. Decent fabric is not that expensive, and there are still pattern-making companies that create lovely designs in a range of sizes (Vogue is my favourite). If you think of your wardrobe in terms of basics, you can probably have a few key tailored pieces made (like blazers, pants and dresses) that you make in classic styles to last you for at least 3 years. Then mix these with the off-the-rack items that have more stretch. The great thing about patterns is that an experienced seamstress will know how to alter patterns to fit you perfectly (and you can have multiples of your favourites made in different fabrics). She could even make the clothes now and then alter them as you lose weight. Darts and side seams are easy to take in.

      I used to make some of my own clothes and I always enjoyed the process and loved having clothes that fit my short, busty figure. I don't have the time or the money right now, but I will return to sewing one day.

      Custom made clothing seems like something from a by-gone-era, but it's still viable, and it's the only way to get a perfect fit. Plus, you are supporting the local/national economy by employing a local seamstress and perhaps even sourcing fabric made in your country.

    3. I've actually been thinking about this more and more lately has I get annoyed by how long shipping wait times take from clothes coming from abroad (not to mention customs and taxes!).

      I keep meaning to go to my seamstress and talk to her about it, bring in a few ideas of what I'm looking for in terms of clothes and see what she suggests. I don't think it would be horrible in terms of price.

      Any patter in particular you'd suggest to look at? Something that would be easily changed for a busty gal so I could test out how well it would go with my seamstress?

  2. Alright, seems my earlier post went into Internet nothingness. What I wanted to say that I am surprised that you like the H&M jacket. I always felt that a deep-seated button emphasizes big breasts. The 'cleavage' (wrong word) is heart-shaped instead of a triangle for me in H&M's standard business jacket cut. If there was enough space for my breasts this should not happen?! I suppose it easier to get a bigger size and then let a seamstress nip in the waist.

    1. I haven't actually tried it yet, so I can't say for sure. :) I did manage to try a very similar one locally at Zara (WAY out of my price range because of how they jack up the prices locally in Brazil) and it wasn't a bad look for me but I wasn't really paying attention to the heart shaped vs. triangle thing, I might go back this weekend and look for it.

      I have brought in a jacket form H&M that you can see here: http://braslessinbrasil.blogspot.com.br/2011/10/suit-alterations.html and there I still had the triangle effect (rather than heart shape). Unfortunately, bringing in the suit anymore doesn't work because the shoulders, sleeves, and arms have gotten way too big. I wonder, though, if it helps that my previous jacket had two buttons? Something to think about...

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