Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ewa Michalak Review- PL Burgund 65H/30H

Ewa Michalak how is it that your bras are so, so very amazing that even when the fit is ever so slightly off (I probably needed this in a 60J but maybe a 60HH would be fine too) that the bra fits so wonderful and I could never dream of giving it up? This bra is what inspired the Perils of Owning a Well-Fitting Bra post. :) 


My underbust measures at 29" at the moment (pulled tightly, measuring loosely it's 30").  However, I'm someone whose back is smaller than my underbust so 28's are really what I need. On the website this is listed as a 30 and I'd say that is pretty accurate.  At first I could wear it on the loosest hook but that was pretty short lived, once I put it on the tightest hook it was a significantly better fit.  If I were to order it, I'd probably get it in a 60J.   That being said I can take this to the seamstress and get a bit taken off in the back. 

As for the cups.  I have very soft breasts so it makes finding cups that fit me well difficult.  Plunges are especially tricky because there's not nearly as much material on the sides so there's inevitable spillage.  I'd say the bra fits almost perfect in the cups.  Because my breasts are so soft they don't really stay put  very well and leaning forward can give me a slightly quadraboob whereas standing up straight makes it disappear and leaning back even gives ever so slight gapping.  I'm starting to think the only answer are very full coverage bras that encompass absolutely all of my breast tissue (even on the top and sides).  Once I hit goal weight I'll probably comprise my wardrobe of more full coverage bras than anything else.  However, other types are always needed. ;)  I have to wonder if going up a cup size might actually make things worse because there would be more room to move around and, thus, I'd be more at risk for spillage.  I do think, though, if I were to order a CH from Ewa Michalak that I'd really need to go up a size. 

That being said, the PL Burgund looks AMAZING on me and gives me the perfect rounded shape that I crave.  I definitely have boobs that are in front (nothing on the side) so this bra accentuates that and is very flattering.  It'll be great underneath low cut, v-necked tops.  I actually had a hard time taking off the bra to take pictures because I loved the look so much.

Another thing that I love about Ewa Michlak bras, in general, is that the cups are not super high.  Tall cups don't work well on my breasts because my breasts tend to flatten vertically once they sit inside a bra so cups that are tall mostly just serve to irritate me and dig into my ribs.  




Great!  Like I said above I wear the bra on the tightest hook but doing that really does make a great fit.  I feel well-supported and don't have any back pain (an issue for me if bras are at all too loose in the back).  Now, it's a plunge bra and I have very soft breasts so there is some slight spillage towards the middle.  I can't imagine I'll every escape that on a plunge bra because of how soft my breasts are.  However, it doesn't appear to show up underneath shirts, which is really the true test.

The amount of lift I get is just astounding and this is what I absolutely LOVE about Ewa Michalak bras.  I hate it when bras just make my breasts look so low. The smallest part of my midsection is my underbust and when my breasts sit too low I look a lot bigger than I actually am.  So THANK YOU Ewa Michalak for another home run!  

General Comments

- The shape is great, I love the color (I think I have a major thing for purple..), and the bra is amazingly comfortable.  I'm in love. My only regret is that I don't have any cute, matching underwear to go with it!

- If you haven't filled out my Underbust Survey, please do!!!! I'm going to write up the results SOON!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, what a great review! I just got my PL Black in 44G today and it's amazing. I feel pretty comfortable in it even though the band is still pretty tight. I'll write a review about it later this week!

    I just thought today that I'd need a bra that is very high on the side wings as I easily spill out to the armpits even though there would be room in the cup. That is my no 1 problem in EM bras but it's not noticeable if I don't lift my arms up in the air.

    I'm hoping the BP model will solve my problem. However, I was very sad to hear that it won't be made in smaller bands than 34. That's just strange!

    1. Thanks! I look forward to your review also. :)

      Isn't it funny how some of us really need those high sides and others of us don't? Thankfully there are brands that carry both. :) Two bras that I've tried that seem to have higher cups are the Curvy Kate Angel and the Panache Sienna. I think Curvy Kate goes up to a 44, right? I'm not sure about Panache...

      I'm also looking forward to your BP review! I think CH"s are the best for me (and they avoid the spillage problem) but for that I'll have to order it in a 30HH and get it taken in because I think they don't do anything in a CH's in a J cup (the best fit, though, would really be a 28J/60J).

    2. Yes, Curvy Kates go up to 44 but I actually need only 40 in them. That's very strange, because as youi discussed below with astrid, you don't find the EM bands tight. I guess the Curvy Kates just have a lot more stretch to them and that's why a notice a difference as I wear a bigger band.

    3. I wonder too if the construction is somewhat different in the larger band sizes? We could test this pretty easily, couldn't we? Simply compare some of the unstretched bands to the stretched bands in different sizes amongst the same brand/style of bra. All that data should be on bratabase. Hmmm... interesting idea for an upcoming post! :D

    4. Oh, that would be so interesting! I guess you'd have to calculate what's the percentage of stretching or what...? I'm really bad at math so even thinking the comparison makes my head ache a bit. :D

    5. Sorry for butting in on your conversation but Ewa does the CHs up to 36H/34HH/32J/30JJ! xx

    6. Oh, Thanks! I didn't see that on their website. So does that mean they would custom make one in 60J? I'd definitely want to try a 65HH first to make sure but that's really great to hear. :D

  2. Oh great, I was just wondering about the underbust survey! About EM bras, I ony have the black, but I also have to wear it on the tightest hook. I found that the band stretched pretty quickly and that it wasn't tighter than my Panache and Bravissimo bras. Not sure where the tight band reputation comes from or maybe it depends on the models.

    1. Yep, I haven't forgotten the Underbust Survey, but I just wanted to make sure to get everyone a chance to respond! :D I think I'll be able to type up some of the results this weekend. I'll have to make a series of posts on it, though, because there's quite a bit there to discuss!

      I also don't understand the reputation they have for tight bands because I haven't experienced that either. I think they used to be tight and possible the current models are no longer tight? I will say, though, that their bands are much more stable then others that I have tried. I LOVE their bras and they are incredibly comfortable but the bands seem like pretty standard sized bands to me.

    2. Astrid I also found the PL Black to stretch very quickly, both in the band and the cup. However the newer styles don't seem to do this as much if at all so don't let it put you off :-)

  3. I'm in desperate need of bras, and this helps convince me further to order from EM! I figure I may have to order some sizes in a 30 band and then return them once I figure out what my cup size is and exchange them for 28 bands... kind of a hassle, but I really want some well-fitting bras!

    By the way, how were you able to find a seamstress to alter bra bands? I'm on the verge of just buying a 30GG Deco bra at the local Nordstrom, but I know the band will be too big for me, and I'm a little leery of trying to alter it myself. I may just go for it, though...

    1. Christine, I actually asked at my laundromat (they do minor alterations there) and the lady sent me to a nearby seamstress who she highly recommended for more complicated things. :)

      I'd definitely suggest ordering in 30 first to get your size nailed down for sure and then go from there. Next time I order from EM I'm going to try 30HH and see if the fit is better on that or not (I have a sneaking suspicion I'm probably right between the two sizes). After that I'll probably go for the 28's. I hope that at some point enough women will order them that we'll be able to return them too. :D