Friday, January 13, 2012

Biubiu now ships to Brazil!

I had a hard time getting anything done at work today because I was so excited to see a new option added to international shipping on the Biubiu site.  Yep, that's right, they now ship to Brazil, yay!!!! 

But now I'm stuck with the problem of what to order?  Originally, I wanted to order some nice summer tops/dresses.  However, that was back in December and many of the ones that I had my eye on are already gone.  Plus, I have to wonder how much longer I'll actually need them here. I expected the summer to a be a lot warmer but, really, we've had maybe one or two super-sunny days that might have required a sleeveless shirt but beyond that shorts sleeves with pants have been just fine.  So... what to get, what to get.  I'd love one of their dresses for work but Darlene said they are all lined and that would be too warm for Brazil regardless of the season so now I'm a bit befuddled. 

Whatever I decide it'll have to wait until next month.  I just took in a huge pile of clothes to the seamstress (am picking them up tomorrow with pictures to follow!) so no way can we justify the expensive.  However, that doesn't mean a girl can't dream, right?  I'm guessing according to the size chart I'm a 40BB but I'd probably try to order 38BBB's in the hopes that I'd fit into them by the time they arrive (Ewa Michalak takes about 2 weeks for just the shipping so here's hoping for that). My waist is 31"~78cm, according to the size chart 38's go from 72-76 and 40's go from 77-81. It seems most women who I've seen try on BiuBiu clothes have more of the Disney Princess mid-section, rather than a tube/mom so I have to wonder would the difference require a different fit?  Normally size charts seem to run bigger than what I actually need so that's why I'm leaning towards the 38's.  Then again, the one exception that I found was AJ Rumina -another curve friendly brand- so I wonder if maybe the 40's would work better?  At the very least I could get them taken in if not...

Originally, I was thinking of ordering the following:

Faro Beige in 40BB/BB (38 BB/BBB no longer available)

Waikiki - no longer available :(
Ultra Violet 38B/BB (closest size available)
Power Flower - no longer available :(

Mojito Red - 38B/BB (closest size available)

However, the size ranges are pretty limited and I'm starting to think it might not be warm enough for the halter tops.  Plus I'm way too lazy to switch out the straps on my CH Onyx that often!!!  So... here's my updated list:

Etna - 38BB/BBB
Fuego Black - 38BB/BBB

Pasadena 40BB- (closest size available)
Summer City 38BB or 40BBB?
I still might get the Fargo Beige just so I'd at least have one sleeveless shirt that I could wear out in public.  I LOVE the look of the Pasadena but the price, not so much, so there's a big question mark there.  I'm also really sad that the Waikiki and Power Flower are sold out because those are two that I've been drolling over for awhile now.  I also would love to get more of the Fuego's (and especially in that gorgeous purple shown on their site) but again, there's nothing remotely close to my size still left.  :(   I'm working on adding more color to my wardrobe but with the exception of Summer City I'm left with a lot of grays and blacks (pretty ones!) but I wish there were more colorful items left. 

I guess that's one big problem with having to buy off season.  If I wasn't still trying to lose more weight, though, I'd definitely buy up all the long sleeve shirts once they go on sale!  As is, I'll have to wait to do that once I him my goal weight. 


  1. I think the Fuego, makes the lovely model looks pregnant. (It's obvious she's got a great body from the pictures of her wearing other items).

    1. Ha, I guess a little bit. That's one reason I really wanted the Flower Power shirt. I like the wider band underneath the breasts because it prevents the pregnant look. I'm still upset that they're all sold out.

      However, the Fuego's the only true t-shirt left in my size that would be OK for summer.... Actually... I wonder if my seamstress could add some sort of band to it, hmm...

  2. Oh June--I need to clarify. Not ALL of the dresses are lined, only the ones I purchased.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I figured as much on their summer dresses but I don't think I was very clear in my wording. I do wonder about the Pasadena (which I would love to try!)... I suspect it's probably lined. :(