Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madame Sher: Custom Made Corsets in Brazil

I want to say that I just heard about Madame Sher custom made corsets but for some reason I had major deja-vu when seeing their site so maybe I just relearned about them?   However, I know I haven't made a post about them yet so I here goes.  :)

For awhile now I've wanted a corset.  I have a major flabby belly after gaining 65lbs in my pregnancy, yo-yo dieting for years, and now major weight loss.  My mid-section isn't necessarily large but just really soft and pudgy, which means finding jeans that don't give me a muffin top while also stay up is a near impossibility!

However, buying one for my specific body type sounds like a near impossibility!  I read a nice post over at the Lingerie Addict: Corsetting for your Needs.  The problem is that I have too many variables to keep track of!  I have a long torso, large butt (but no real hips to speak of), and a very large bust.  So how in the world do I manage to fit all of those?  Well, a custom made corset seems like the answer!

Then I saw in the comments that there is a professional corset maker right here in Brazil that even makes custom corsets with cups built right into them!  The wonder!  They even have a shop where I can go in and measure myself in Sao Paulo!  I was about to start screaming with excitement, well, until I saw the price...

It looks like the cheapest ones start at around $700 (R$1300!!!!), so definitely not something I can afford right now. :(  Honestly, it wouldn't be something that I'd even consider until I hit goal but still... I'm not sure if I'll even be able to afford one then.

But the corsets themselves are gorgeous, like insanely gorgeous.


Now you might be able to see from the middle picture (with the blue corset) a concern of mine.  It really looks like the cups are too small for the model because the center gore does not lay flat.  I've looked through a number of the pictures and, unfortunately, it seems to be a common issue.

Now, some look like the fit is impeccable

and others not so much

so the question is... why the difference?  Why do some seem to fit perfectly on the models and others have the center gore that sticks out like crazy?  The peach model above clearly has a model with a large bust so it's not like they don't know how to great cups for larger busts but why are the other models so off?

Now, I know that you can send in your measurements yourself or if you live nearby make an appointment for them to measure you.  One of the measurements that you're required to send in is your bust

and since most women wear the wrong bra size and then can affect your bust measurement, well, is that the problem here?  All the other measurements appear to be pretty straight forward so I have to wonder...

I'd love to talk to the owner and pick her brain but consider the price of the corsets and the fact that they've been featured in many fashion magazines, I have a feeling that she wouldn't have time a talk to a blogger such as myself (unless I was actually buying one!).


  1. Uhm... that's bad :( Being an amateur seamstress and bra-addict myself I know that designing corsets for a larger bust is always exciting, but it definitely can be done better than shown on some of those pics!

    I guess they just designed a couple of corsets for the photo shoots and then picked models without having a look at proper sizing of the bust...

    The Corsets are really nice though.
    I guess it's - as it happens a lot with lingerie - just the wrong models in the wrong sizes....

  2. Btw: Do you know extremely gorgeous Corsetry (and other Couture) Designer Royal Black?
    She's just such an artist. I love her work.


  3. Yeah, I figured as much. I'd love to buy one at my goal (after saving up money forever ahead of time, because man those prices are insane!) but I'd have to have a long talk to them first about fit because I'd never want to pay that much for something that doesn't actually fit.

    But the question remains, if they take such bad model shots do they really understand proper fitting? It makes me wonder...

    Oh, the Royal Black ones are gorgeous! Sigh, it just makes me lust after a nice corset more...

  4. I've got more than ten in my closet *blush*
    But I'm never wearing them, most of them were made before fitting and now they don't fit around the bust.

    Reminds me, I should sew some corsets^^

    And yes, me too I don't understand why nobody SEES or cares that this doesn't fit at all :(

  5. Wow, 10! I'd be happy with just one that fit well but I'm wondering if that's too much to ask? I definitely don't sew well enough to pull it off myself but if I did I certainly would try!

    Oh, and I don't get it either. I mean the fits looks very poor on some of the picture above but other times it's spot on. Madame Sher is featured in a number of magazines and even there I've noticed that many times the fit is off quite a bit.

  6. I see what you mean about the center gore (or whatever the term might be, for a corset) not being against the chest wall, which I see as the first sign of poor fit of bras.

    It seems very likely that the problem is just what the first comment suggests-- these particular corsets were not custom made for the models, the cups aren't nearly deep enough, and they can only be worn at all by letting the lacing out in the back. I think that the peach corset avoids this only because the cups aren't connected in the center, and they simply bend outward to a larger than designed bust, while the panels are tight to her body. The cups seem to have cues that they were built for somewhat smaller breasts (though not to the degree that the others were).

    Then again, the center gore rule® for bras is important because of the narrow band providing all of the support (or not, if the fit is bad enough), and that doesn't apply to a corset with decently strong boning. A classic overbust corset doesn't have a lower cup boundary, or come in between the breasts, yet it can be very supportive, by attaching to the whole torso, and transmitting the force upward via material stiffness such as boning.

    Whether one of these overbust-cup corsets would be *comfortable* unless properly fit... Well, no, probably not.

  7. Mitch- that is a good point about the peach model. I see what you're saying about the the support not necessarily coming from the band (like it would from a bra) so that means it normally comes from the entire torso, right?

    However, I agree that the cups can't be very comfortable if they're too small. It seems that you'd be at risk of having the cups cut into your breast tissue, which could be quite uncomfortable! I also suspect that you'd be much more susceptible to having the 4-boob affect (or even popping out of the cups all together, which could happen in the peach model), which really is not attractive at all, and would be pretty noticeable especially since one of the main reasons I want a corset is to wear underneath tight tops/dresses.

  8. Just a cautionary note-- corsets are only very supportive, if they're built to be. Madame Sher's designs are certainly beautiful, but I don't know whether or not they are also strong. The pictured designs do have boning pockets, and they way they fit indicates that there's rods of some material in them. That's a good sign. If, however, it's a weak plastic, then that's not so good.

    Hopefully, they weren't made only for fashion shows.

    Since you want to wear it under dresses and tight tops, that answers the question of why you only had pictures of the overbust-cup styles. If it's strongly made and properly fitted, it should be exactly what you want.

  9. Thanks, that's a good point. I remember reading before that the boning is very important. I know before I buy I'll definitely have to do some research on what to look for!

    I really have hope that Madame Sher works out (at the very least I'll check them out when I get serious about buying a corset) because I'd really love to be able to buy locally (since I can never do that with bras/clothes!).

  10. Hey June, thanks for the blog, I'm brasilian, and I'm loooving it so far!! I agree with you in everything, bra sizing in Brasil is pathetic. I have family in US, so I usualy buy my bras (and jeans, and hosiery, and coats) online in US stores, and my family brings it with them when they come visiting - usualy once a year. But it can be a bit embarrasing, sometimes I just want something more spicy, and I need to think first if this is something I want my family to see. But I really dont know what the big galls here do to survive, because the sizing of every piece of female clothing here seems to be made for skinny boobless teenagers. I traveled to US only once. Unfortunately I wasn't "boob-smart" at the time and got myself measured at Victoria Secret's. They said I was a 40DD, and I stick with that size for a wile (I thought they must know what they say), not feeling quite confortable but thinking that it was my boob's fault, not the bra's. Oh well, Im a little smarter now, and I think my size is actually 38G, but I can't really find out without buying some bras blindly and hopping for the best. My sister is coming again in october, and I will try the new size. Fingers crossed!

    But I digress. What I came here to say is that I'm thinking of getting a corset too. I think the thight-lacing body is just gorgeous, and I wanna try the strapless suport of a overbust corset. I looked at Madame Sher, but I think her corsets are more garments than undergarments, if you know what I mean. And I want more than one corset, in discreet fashion, so I can use under my work clothes daily. And with her prices, MS is just not for me. So, I found two other corset-makers in a brasilian tight-lacing blog: http://www.ferrercorsets.com.br/ and http://www.rousecorsets.com. I still didn't researched much about them, but they make corsets specially for tight-lacing, so they necessarily must provide good support. Their price is WAY lower than MS, not cheap (I would fear cheap), more just, I think. And Ferrer Corsets have a "queen" line, for more, let's say, robust ladies, wich is my case.

  11. http://tightlacing.blogspot.com.br/2008/05/lista-de-corsetmakers-brasileiras.html

    1. One store you might want to try (that I just stumbled upon myself!) is http://www.curvaspeligrosas.cl . They're located in Chile (so maybe quicker shipping times+lower shipping costs?) and they carry up to a G cup.

      I always just order either from Brastop when they have free international shipping, Ewa Michalak (and I suck it up and pay the shipping costs!), Large Cup Lingerie (free international shipping!!) or Undercover experience (shipping is 4GBP and free on orders over 50 GBP). All of those allow for returns (granted, shipping back from Brazil is unfortunately, pretty expensive).

      Thanks so much for that link! I'd love, love, love an overbust corset that is function and fits my breasts. If you try either of those brands, please let me know! I'm definitely interested and would prefer to shop locally, if possible.

  12. Speaking as a professional corsetmaker, I can tell you that cupped corsets are notoriously difficult to get right. I haven't tried one myself, but among makers there's always a lot of discussion about how to get a cupped corset to fit correctly, and there's no good answer.

    The other issue is that corsets aren't meant to be flush against the ribcage the way bras are. In most styles of corset, the busk is meant to sit away from the body. The corset contains and supports the breasts, but it doesn't lift and separate the way modern bras do.

    Most other cupped corsets I've seen have shorter busks; the ones pictured above have quite long busks, which would make getting it to sit flush even harder. I think the previous commenter is right that the reason it's flush in the peach one is because the cups are so low-cut.

    My site is http://www.tulgeywooddesigns.com if you want to take a look around, and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have about corsets.

  13. I am very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs.