Saturday, October 22, 2011

New curve friendly clothes!

I just heard of two new brands that are making curve friendly clothes.  The first is Maximila, which is located in Germany.  It looks like they also sell a few Biubiu shirts there too but they have their own line and I'm really drooling over this dress
It doesn't look like they have an actual store front, which is too bad because I'd love to try it on in person when we go to Germany this winter.  However, I think I'll have to order myself one.

The other one (from what I can tell) hasn't opened yet but they have a blog and if they clothes on the blog represent what's going to be available eventually, I'm very excited!  Here's the blog (it's in Polish but the pictures speak for themselves):

It was impossible for me to stick to just one but I think the two t-shirts are my favorite.  So Moje szycie please come out soon and have international shipping (with a website in English!) because I'm already hoping to order from you. :)

EDIT: Wow, wow, WOW.  I've been looking more at the Moje szycie website and can I just say she need to put out her line ASAP!  Add to that I think she's working on some pregnancy clothes.   Why don't I speak Polish so I can understand what she's saying?????

EDIT2: Ok, this has GOT to be a joke, this would make me too happy! She's also made nursing wear and blazers


  1. I went to site that you put under your name, so here I am :)

    It's very nice to read what you wrote about me - thank you! :)

    I write only in polish, because I never thought about writing in English... But it's a good idea to write briefly about my projects in English, so everyone will be able to understand - thank you for good hint:)

    Of course our shop will be in English too, we will also provide customers with international delivery.

    Please... don't show this green dress (right/top), this is my biggest miastake and failure - I realy hate it so I cut it and made from it beautiful clothes for my godson:P He looks in this material better;)

  2. Urkye, thanks so much for stopping over! I can imagine that many women will be excited about your clothes abroad so I know, I for one, look forward to seeing some of your info in English too. :D

    I'm especially excited about your maternity/nursing line and the lovely jackets that you posted (I definitely need some for work!). There really isn't much out there in the market in terms of well-fitting maternity/nursing clothes when you have a large bust (in general, maternity clothes tend to be more generous in the bust but they never were quite generous enough for me).

    Haha, ok, I removed the green dress, no problem. I actually liked the style but I don't mind taking it down. :)

    Please let me know when your shop is up and running, I can't wait! Also, if you'd be interested, I've love to interview you when it's ready to help get the word out!

  3. Darlene from hourglassy found that it looks like the Maximila close are pretty much identical to the already existing Carissa Rose clothes:

    That's unfortunate, it'd be nice to always increase our selection size. That being said I'm still very excited about Urkye's line coming out soon. :D

  4. Oooh, I hadn't heard of the German place! I agree with Darlene, though, why couldn't they have some unique designs? Although, if the clothes came in a smaller size than Carissa, that would be good for me and other slender curvy ladies.

    I have been keeping an eye on Urkye's blog for a while and I am very excited about the clothes! Urkye, I am so glad you speak English and that the clothes will be available internationally. When will these lovely clothes be available for sale?

  5. Brittany, It looks like they do go to the smaller sizes so it definitely might be something you'd be interested in. The smallest waist size is made for a 26-27.5" waist vs. Carissa Rose that goes down to a 27.5-28.5" waist. They also offer more choices in the bust size. For the smallest size you can choose between a K or SK (SK goes up to 38"). I know for me this is also good because the Carissa Rose clothes are still too small for my bust (at least 41" standing with a 32" waist) according to their size chart.

    I wonder if the companies are related somehow, though, because their size charts are almost identical ( vs.

  6. Thank you for removing this green dress:P

    My shop should be ready in the beginning of the spring - we want to start on 1st April. And I hope that we will :) Of course I will be happy if you interview me :)

    About maternity/nursing wear - now I'm sewing dress for my pregnant customer, so it should be on my blog soon :)
    And I agree with you that range of clothes for pregnant and nursing girls is too small - my sister had huge problem when she was pregnant - all clothes from shops were too small in bust, she couldn't buy anything from these shops. Now she's pregnant again, so she'll be my model :D

  7. Thanks so much for adding comments in your blog in English! I've really been enjoying reading along. :D

    I look for to interviewing you, let's touch base again close to April (let me know when you have time too because I'm sure you'll be quite busy then!).

    Ah, your sister is lucky, I'm sure she'll be a great model.

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